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Volunteer Opportunities Around Boulder County

If you resolved to volunteer more in 2019, there are plenty of places to donate your time and talents in and around Boulder County. Nothing betters a community and its residents quite like volunteering. You’ll learn more about causes effecting our town and extend beyond your typical social circle to meet new people you may not have otherwise met. Whether you want to work with animals, assist the elderly, or spend your time helping Mother Nature, Boulder has opportunities for everyone.

 Adopt-A-Trail or Park

What speaks to Boulder’s ethos more than adopting and caring for a hiking trail or park? Our local economy gets a boost from urban and ecotourism, but sometimes Boulder’s natural environment suffers. This opportunity requires volunteers to pick up litter from the adopted trail or park a minimum four times a year. It’s the perfect way to appreciate all of Boulder’s beauty throughout the four seasons and to give back to the hiking trails we all use and cherish.

Respite & Companion Volunteer

Missing elderly parents or grandparents back in your hometown? Spending time with our community’s senior citizens is a wonderful way to connect with this often-overlooked group. This special opportunity pairs volunteers with an elder citizen who lives alone. The commitment is minimal – two-hours a week – but the impact is huge. By spending time and giving attention to someone who receives minimal human interaction, you can greatly impact someone’s life. A quick application and interview is all you need to get started.

Summit Dog Rescue

For almost a decade, this Boulder dog rescue has been saving dogs from neglectful homes. The organization doesn’t just save and adopt out dogs to any willing owner, however. Staff and volunteers spend countless hours vetting potential owners and ensuring a good fit for both the individual and his or her new furry companion. This shelter runs on volunteer help and provides various roles where assistance is needed. From fostering to working events to conducting phone interviews with future owners, Summit Dog Rescue has something for every new volunteer.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

The homeless members of our community are often disregarded and undervalued. In reality, there is no us and them, we are all members of this vibrant community. Boulder Shelter for the Homeless embraces this and gives us the chance to connect and help the homeless population of our town. By volunteering here, you’ll get the chance to better someone’s day and possibly change a life. 

Believe Ranch and Rescue

This Boulder horse rescue works to save equines from auction, feedlots, and abuse in order to give them a second chance at life. Believe Ranch and Rescue enlists the help of volunteers for a variety of onsite and offsite tasks. The organization has saved 88 lives to date, and is on the path to helping many more equines. This organization believes that fostering a connection between horses and humans can lead to beautiful things. Be a part of their dream by volunteering your time to help rescue, rehabilitate, and care for these horses.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

If you care about the environment, there is no better way to show it than by volunteering with this dedicated organization. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a nonprofit that works to restore the natural environment. This opportunity is great for those of us with rapidly changing schedules, but who want a way to give back.  

Become a Youth Mentor

Interested in making a difference in the lives of children? Boulder County’s Community Services Youth Mentoring Program connects willing volunteers with children who have come from tough family situations or have suffered hardships. This volunteer position connects youth with stable, healthy role models who can have a positive impact on their lives. Pairs will spend time together engaged in activities they share an interest in – sports games, movies, hiking, etc. This is a flexible position that can have a lot of impact in a young person’s life.

Volunteering at any of these organizations will not only help the place we call home, but can positively change the lives of the people and animals we share this home with. You will be giving the gift of love, and the benefits received from donating your time, talents, and energy is guaranteed to outweigh the effort put in.

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