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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Boulder, Colorado

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

It’s no surprise Boulder, Colorado finds it’s way into the news for one of the best places to live, one of the most innovative places in the country, fittest city, and smartest city, and those are just a few to name. If those aren’t enough to convince you to start packing your bags, here are the top 5 reasons to move to beautiful, Boulder,Colorado.

  1. 300 days of sunshine, and it never fails

Known for it’s active community, Boulder boasts a whopping 300+ days of sunshine a year, making it possible for people to break the habit of hibernating in the cold months. From Seattle to the Big Apple, people are envious of our remarkable sunny days. The sunshine not only allows for Boulderites to thrive year round, but it ‘sheds light’ on the majestic foothills the city has for a backdrop. Not a bad view.

  2. Prettiest people

Boulderites strive to make their Bikram yoga daily and stay on the cutting edge of veganism. This, among hiking, skiing, and rock climbing keeps this city sitting pretty. You can hear visitors brag about having their ‘best hair days’ here, with minimal humidity to mess it up, which also leads way to clear, healthy skin. Moisturizing is key, however. The last thing you want is to walk around with chapped skin & lips all day long.

You’ll quickly notice that everyone looks good with little effort here. Residents proudly display their natural beauty, with no makeup and oversized sweaters and workout gear. Once called the best looking city naked by GQ magazine, it’s evident that the people here are fit, healthy, and hot. Who wouldn’t want to be apart of a good-looking community? It makes you wonder who your neighbor might be.

Courtesy of Harsh Patel

3. It’s easy to hit the slopes

Boulder’s proximity to some of the best skiing and boarding in the country makes this an ideal place for winter sports gurus and the adventurous alike. Unexpected snowfall last night? Not a problem, call into your laidback workplace and let them know you planned a last minute trip to the mountains. Boulder also provides transportation to the mountains so you don’t have to worry about the few hour drive. This city takes advantage of its opportunity to take day-cations.

4. Hub for the country’s next big idea

Not only is Boulder cutting edge on the slopes, but this city is also a driving force for innovation. Big names like Crocs and Justin’s Nut Butter reside here already, but the ideas and successes are continually coming out. The city might be known for it’s laid back, hippie atmosphere but don’t let that fool you, Boulder is a breeding ground for new ideas and techies.

Courtesy of Seasonal and Savory

   5. It’s an amazing food city

Boulder’s gastronomical scene will have you hungry for anything your heart (or stomach) desires. From Ethiopian food, tea houses, and restaurants highlighting exotic salts, this is a place that hangs with big city dining. Chains aren’t really this cities forte and its residents are proud. Boulder is home to top tier and nationally recognized restaurants, but if you aren’t feeling a 5 star experience, or even a vegan one, there are many other excellent dining experiences awaiting. Take a walk along the beautiful Pearl Street outdoor mall for dining treats, modern eats, and some of Colorado’s best restaurants.


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