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Spray Their Name and Street Wise Arts 2020

Image by @unboxed.photography via Dairy Arts Center, used with permission

Recently, a new mural was created on The Dairy Center for Arts east wall. This mural depicts activist Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Black woman. In 2015, Bland was pulled over by police officer Brian Encinia for failure to use a turn signal and subsequently arrested after Encinia escalated the confrontation. Bland was found dead in her jail cell, three days later. 

About Spray Their Name 

Spray Their Name seeks to commemorate and memorialize victims of excessive police brutality through captivating and vibrant murals. The artists behind the project, Hiero Veiga and Thomas Evans, focus on creations that uplift and underscore voices of the oppressed and silenced. 

Veiga explained, “I’m still feeling heavy and anxious, but I have an idea. What if we all went on a love campaign and paint everything beautiful? And if you can’t paint, supply the wall. I’m sick of feeling dull. Let’s get vibrant. Let’s get bright.” Together, these talented artists have completed murals of George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, and many more. 

Collaboration with Street Wise Boulder

Street Wise Boulder offers art and culture enthusiasts the chance to engage in our community’s creative pursuits. The non-profit art festival emphasizes artists’ voices from a variety of platforms and provides them an opportunity to use their art as a medium for social justice, encouragement, and change. 

Each year, Street Wise takes on a variety of mediums and messages. This year, in collaboration with Spray Their Name, the much-anticipated arts festival shines a light on current social issues with inspiring and uplifting art. Participation can range from sponsorships to providing a wall for murals to adorn. 

When and Where

Artists from everywhere will be included in this year’s festival. Fans of street art have the opportunity to witness some of their favorite Colorado muralists up close and personal. From September 7 to the 13, over 30 artists will create their own masterpieces on 22 walls throughout the city. Live mural paintings, events, and activities will occur during the eventful week. 

Now, it’s especially important to highlight Boulder’s artistic communities. When speaking on social justice, enacting change, and underscoring oppressed voices, art can be an incredible medium for connecting and restoring community. Spray Their Name and Street Wise provide a platform and safe space for a diverse group of artists to create, inspire, and spark conversation. 

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