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Best Hidden Picnic Spots Around Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s ample outdoor space tends to fill up as summer days grow longer and nights get warmer. Having a picnic can be a great way to partake in quality family time, treat a loved one to a date night, or simply enjoy mother nature’s beauty over a tasty meal. Boulder Countyprovides numerous picnicking areas that are secluded and scenic. Here are some of our favorites.  

North St. Vrain Creek, Lyons 

Just north of Boulder, this gently moving creek cuts through the charming town of Lyons on its way to meet up with the Platte River. LaVern M. Johnson and Bohn Parks sit beside this babbling brook and offer plenty of seating and scenery. This creekside picnic is sure to be quieter than an afternoon spent at bustling Boulder Creek and visitors will enjoy exploring or hiking in Lyons before their picnic. 

Twin Lakes, Gunbarrel 

Perfect for a mid-week picnic, Twin Lakes in Gunbarrel offers visitors a scenic, convenient outdoor location. Midday lunch breaks or family dinners in this outdoor space transport visitors a world away from Boulder’s urban vibe. Spy geese on their migration path north or watch fish splash about in the sparkling waters of either of these peaceful bodies of water. 

Buckingham Picnic Area, North Boulder

This picnic location in North Boulder is easy to get to and offers water-front dining adjacent to Left Hand Creek. Tables and grills pepper the open area while more secluded spots sit further west along Left Hand Canyon Drive. Bring fishing poles, skip rocks, or splash about in the cool waters while grilling, hanging, and enjoying mother nature in the company of family and friends. 

Eldorado Falls, Walker Ranch

A hike is required to access this picnic area, but the stunning scenery is completely worth it. Travel light or order a pre-packed picnic basket from Cured and head to Walker Ranch. This 2.5 mile round trip hike passes over Boulder Creek and up steep hills until reaching the unofficially named “Eldorado Falls”. Lay out a picnic blanket at the falls for a truly memorable outdoor feast. 

Magnolia Road, Boulder Canyon 

Well-known in Boulder’s running community, Magnolia Road connects Boulder Canyon with Peak-to-Peak Highway. However, about three miles up Magnolia from Boulder Canyon sits a wide open lookout that barely ever sees visitors. Bring chairs and a collapsable table for a high-elevation scenic dinner that overlooks snow-capped mountains. Easy to get to and close to downtown Boulder, this picnic area is perfect for after-work dinners, (weekend) afternoon happy hours, or even a sunrise breakfast. 

Wonderland Hill Paraglider Launch, North Boulder

Earn that craft beer with a hike up the paraglide launch at Wonderland Hill. It may take a little searching to find a flat spot, but once acquired, picnickers can take in stunning views of the Flatirons south of Wonderland, or if weather permits, catch paragliders taking off and landing with the help of a gentle mountain breeze. 

Snagging a secluded picnic spot with scenic views can be tricky as Boulderites begin to spend more time outdoors. However, finding a quiet place to dine outdoors isn’t impossible. Pack a delicious feast, bring your favorite beverage, and head outside for a memorable meal in the mountains. 

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