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DINEinBoulder: Alfalfa’s Juice Bar

When I first moved to Boulder in 1993, Alfalfa’s Juice Bar was the place to be – the salad bar was famous and the smoothie bar was top-notch.  Unfortunately, over the years the place started to lose some of its shine.  Just recently, within the last three years in fact, a new group has acquired Alfalfa’s and given it a much needed facelift.  I am happy to report that it has returned to its status as a premier juice and smoothie bar in Boulder, CO.


Image courtesy of Alfalfa’s

In addition to great smoothies, the staff is highly educated when it comes to nutrition. They are all happy to answer any questions you may have regarding juicing, creating smoothies, and the ingredients they use.  They are also great about substituting for food sensitivities or allergies.  After I told them about my sensitivity to almonds, they began keeping a jar of sunbutter in their refrigerator for me.  There is even a Coco Cilantro Smoothie on their menu for any of you who are active with the Conscious Cleanse.  Moreover, they offer their own cleanse packages, from 1-day to 7-day.

Obviously their juices and smoothies come from only the best quality, freshest ingredients (all of which are certified organic), which does mean their drinks can be a little on the pricey side.  However, their prices were recently lowered from around $13 to about $11 for their largest 24 ounce size.    While it is on the expensive side, it is definitely worth it!


Image courtesy of Alfalfa’s

According to their site, they only use organic and non-GMO produce, they serve organic wheatgrass, all beverages are made fresh to order (though they also offer premade grab and go juices for those with busy mornings), and they have young Thai coconuts for a refreshing treat.  They have also recently started carrying organic gelato, made especially for Alfalfa’s by Boulder Ice Cream!

If you are looking for a great cleanse package, or are just in the mood for a great tasting and organic beverage, look no further than Alfalfa’s Juice Bar, located at Broadway and Arapahoe!

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