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Why You Should Consider Selling Your Vacation Home in the Summer

If you haven’t been enjoying your vacation home as often as you’d envisioned, selling this summer may be in your best interest. As is true of many properties, listing your vacation home during the summertime is usually the ideal time to sell. Interested in the possibility of listing this summer? Here, I share insight into why this may be a beneficial choice. 

Make the Transition to a Pied-à-Terre

If you’ve found that your current vacation home isn’t serving your needs, you may prefer to buy a pied-à-terre. This French term translates to “a foot on the ground,” and is generally defined as an apartment or other small living space that’s perfectly suited for short visitations. Although full-sized vacation homes may be the right fit for those who spend an entire season in the property, they’re probably not ideal for individuals who prefer to stop in for a weekend or holiday. Additionally, neighborhoods that house pied-à-terres are often equipped with features that you won’t find in a conventional second home, such as spa and fitness centers, residents’ lounges, and rooftop clubs. If a pied-à-terre in your favorite getaway spot sounds like just what you’re looking for, selling your second home in time for you to drop by your new property could be an excellent opportunity. 

Vacation Homes Are In High Demand (Especially Right Now)

The demand for vacation homes often increases during the summer, as individuals are looking forward to spending time in their newly acquired property. Due to the pandemic that’s likely to persist, vacation homes may be particularly appealing to those who enjoy traveling. A vacation home in a city like Boulder offers the luxury of remaining secluded from the public while offering ample opportunities to explore our natural beauty and local entertainment. 

Buyers Are Ready to Close 

During the spring and summer seasons, many buyers are eager to stick to a specific timeline. With buyers ready to close quickly, your vacation home may receive lots of attention and quality offers. This is especially likely if your property is well-kept and ready to welcome its new owners for a summer getaway shortly after closing. 

Boulder is a beautiful city that attracts millions of tourists each year. Our town is well-known for its distinct seasons, making it the ideal location for a vacation home. Whether buyers are hoping to escape the excessive summer heat or they’re looking forward to experiencing gorgeous autumnal scenery, their new home away from home will serve as a respite all year round. If you’ve decided that you’d like to sell your second home here, summer may be the best time to list. If you have any questions regarding the selling process, I can help. Please contact my team to start the process. 

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