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What to Expect From the 70th Anniversary of the Conference on World Affairs

Boulder always has enriching events to offer, and the annual Conference on World Affairs tops the list. The conference is a thought-provoking seminar that draws prestigious speakers and performers from around the globe. There’s a topic for every interest at the CWA, so you won’t want to miss out on the fascinating presentations.

When and Where

The 70th Conference on World Affairs will be here from April 9 to 13, 2018. Hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder, this conference is open to the public and offers free admission. As of this writing the full schedule isn’t available, but if you’d like to attend an event, be sure to visit this site before heading out.

About the CWA

The Conference on World Affairs is an inspiring seminar; speaker Roger Ebert describes it as “One of the most remarkable events in America.”  While the conference originally focused solely on world affairs, it has evolved to become a comprehensive glimpse into the arts, media, science, technology, human rights, and more. The seminar organizers aim to make this event accessible to all who are interested in joining, so attendees benefit from multiple free discussions and performances. In addition to the diverse selection of presentations, the CWA is a community affair that relies on the generosity of donors and Boulder students to facilitate the successful meetings. The conference is a partnership between Boulder residents and students, and wouldn’t be possible without an incredible level of community engagement. Throughout the year, university staff and students work with members of the community to plan the selection of events and find qualified speakers. University of Colorado Boulder students volunteer their time to provide transportation for guests and speakers, and locals graciously offer lodging to visitors. Many of the speakers travel to Boulder using personal funds, so event organizers are always in need of welcoming hosts. Coordinating every detail of this weeklong conference is no easy feat, but Boulder is up for the challenge. If you’d like to get involved or volunteer, please visit this site for more information.

This year, there’s an impressive array of speakers and events. Experts in their field provide insight and engage with the audience, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of this world-class conference. Whether you’re interested in art, media, health, environmental issues, politics, or other fascinating topics, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest at the CWA. The full lineup of 2018 speakers is available here.

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