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What I’ve Learned about Boulder, CO as a Realtor

What I've Learned about Boulder, CO as a Realtor

The Boulder housing market is in good shape as we’re working through the summer season. Boulder’s home resale inventories have increased by 8 percent since the start of May.

The growing number of homes for sale on the market further indicates that Boulder remains a seller’s market. As it stands, sellers hold the power in the market, which has allowed them to control the prices of their homes and the terms of the sale.

As a realtor, here’s what I’ve learned to be the five most important facts about Boulder’s real estate market:

1) The average yearly equity gain in Boulder is between 8-12%, which makes Boulder a great place to invest in,
2) Boulder real estate is sustained by a large number of cash buyers, making a sale quick and relatively painless.
3) Because Boulder is such a desirable location, its market garners multiple offers within the first day or two of listing. In general, it is largely a sellers market, and buyers are forced to compete against each other.
4) Downtown Boulder prices rival some Manhattan neighborhoods – but Manhattan can’t compete with Boulder’s natural beauty.
5) Cap rates on investment properties have risen upwards of 6%

As Colorado’s eighth largest city, our marvelous Boulder offers a wide variety of attractions. Our outdoor malls – Pearl Street Mall and 29th Street Mall – for example, offer fresh air alternative to traditional indoor malls.What I've Learned about Boulder, CO as a Realtor

These outdoor malls are also home to many different art festivals, summer concerts, and markets. There is always something to do in Boulder; hiking trails, summer festivals, a plethora of fine restaurants, and an overabundance of yoga studios truly provide an activity for any soul.

Boulder was ranked as the number one housing market by MSN real estate. Our market was never truly affected when the housing bubble burst, because the housing bubble never really took shape here. As such, Boulder is seeing growth in home values that other parts of the country can only dream of.

The advantages of living in Boulder are practically endless. Boulder’s surroundings make it a desirable place to live for nature enthusiasts, athletes, artists, environmental enthusiasts and many more.

Another factor that escalates Boulder’s desirability is its ability to control growth by implementing development restrictions. CU-Boulder provides a steady stream of jobs, as well as continuous tenants, making this a very desirable place to be a landlord.

What I've Learned about Boulder, CO as a RealtorThe Boulder Valley School District shines above others in academic excellence. BVSD continues to be ranked among the top three school districts, and has often been ranked number one. Top-notch educators, school buildings, and academic programs encourage students to excel above and beyond regular expectations.

There are so many wonderful reasons to move to Boulder, Colorado. The attractions, the atmosphere, the gorgeous homes, and our glorious natural surroundings are but a few of the reasons to join the Boulder family. With the real estate market flourishing, and more homes coming onto the market, it’s no surprise that families are flocking to the People’s Republic of Boulder.

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