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Volunteer Opportunities in Boulder During the Holidays

Volunteering is one of the most important things you can do regardless of the season. But – let’s face it – there’s something about the magic of the holidays that compels us to give back. Maybe it’s the lights, maybe it’s the love, maybe it’s the wine at the office party. Whatever the reason, if you’re in a charitable mood, there are plenty of charities worthy of help.

In Boulder, some of the places worth donating your time (or money!) include:

There with Care Boulder

The mission of this organization is to provide fundamental services to children and families during medical crisis and other critical phases. Volunteer opportunities are varied, and include picking up food, sorting through donations, and administration duties.


The Share-a-Gift program is perfect for people who want to volunteer on a temporary basis. The event takes place December 16, but volunteers are needed in the preceding days, as well (their website lists the available shifts). They are especially in need of people who can speak Spanish and those willing to help clean up.

The Emergency Family Assistance Association

The EFAA has an increased need for volunteers during the holiday rush: their donations go up and so does their workload. They have openings throughout November and into December. Volunteers are needed to receive, stock, and organize incoming donations, as well as unload trucks.

The Lights of December Parade

If you’re looking for a truly unique volunteer opportunity, consider the Lights of December Parade. This takes place on December 2, and they are presently looking for stage elves. Spots are limited and given out on a first come, first served basis.

Boulder Bridge House

If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity you can 1) do with your kids and 2) do from the comfort of your living room, consider the Kids Give Back program. It offers the chance to bake and decorate cookies for those in need, as well as a chance to work on special projects. For those who want a more hands on experience, you can also serve meals or participate in food drives.

The Boulder Homeless Shelter

The Boulder Homeless Shelter offers volunteer roles to adults and children (children must be at least 12 and accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times). They operate two different seasonal schedules, with the winter season and the summer season (though volunteers can join at any time). However, they don’t offer any one-time opportunities; they require at least a three-month commitment.

The Boulder Humane Society

The holidays are so crazy that it’s easy to forget our furry friends, but the local humane society – like all animal shelters – is always looking for volunteers. They currently have openings for anyone who wants to work in the giftshop or directly with the animals.


If you only have time to volunteer for a half an hour, consider donating blood. Donations go down this time of year, leaving the reserves at critical levels. So, come save a life. As an added bonus, donating blood burns calories. 😉

Few things are as rewarding as volunteering. If you’re looking for other organizations in which to lend your support, visit the Big Red F’s ‘F’ilanthropy page.

Have any favorites to add to the list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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