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Virtue of Reality Coming Soon to Boulder, Colorado

There’s never a dull moment in our bustling Foothills city. Boulder is made up of innovators and entrepreneurs, athletes and intellectuals. CU Boulder is no different. This September 2019, its inaugural class in the university’s new Experience Design MFA Program is gearing up to host an immersive, virtual reality experience that is sure to challenge, excite, inspire, and explore. Here’s what you need to know. 

Who They Are

This small group of students is the inaugural class for CU Boulder’s Experience Design (XD) Masters of Fine Arts program. CU Boulder is an innovator in education throughout the nation and is now exploring alternative and immersive design and production through its MFA in Experience Design. This studio-centric program offers folks the chance to design alternative theater productions that captivate audiences, inviting viewers to look at the world through a fresh lens.   

About Virtue of Reality

An open world experience, Virtue of Reality offers guests the opportunity to step into an alternate universe of a dystopian future in which humanity has forgotten what it means to be human. Guests are invited to investigate where we went wrong and search for solutions that reintroduce mankind to its true nature. 

Exploration and discovery are stimulated by interactive storylines, expressive actors, and intuitive games peppered throughout this virtual reality experience. Through VR goggles and an expertly designed immersive world, participants can also uncover the importance and meaning behind building strong communities and connecting with one another. 

When and Where

Virtue of Reality goes live on 9/20 and continues through the weekend, concluding on 9/22.The event will be held in the Carlson Gym at CU Boulder, however, showtimes are yet to be announced. Be sure to check back on their Instagram page for more information. By following, you’ll also receive updates and announcements as progress continues on the buildout of this totally immersive event. 

Boulder’s vibrant city always offers out-of-the-box entertainment that delights and surprises its residents. For a truly distinctive experience, check out Virtue of Reality. Learn about what our potential future society could look like if we abandon the concept of nurturing community participation and human connection. 

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