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Top Five Websites For Finding Local Events In Boulder, Colorado

Locating events around town may seem like a simple task, but when you don’t know where to start your search it becomes surprisingly challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled the five best websites to help you find events in Boulder without the hassle. Here are our top recommendations:

Daily Camera

This daily, founded in 1891, offers residents and passersby of Boulder County with news coverage pertinent to the area. What makes Daily Camera special is its succinct and robust events section.

The events section features between 50 and 100 events per day. These events range from kid friendly activities, such as Lego Story Club, to adult focused soirées like Smokes & Jokes, an open-mic comedy night at Johnny’s Cigar Bar.

While 50 to 100 listings each day may seem overwhelming, the simple layout of Daily Camera’s events section allows you to easily narrow down your search based on distance, event type, time and more. From arts and crafts to children’s camps, yoga instruction to happy hours, the Camera has an event for every taste.

Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau

The official website of the Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau (BCVB) has a remarkable amount of content to help you find your next must-attend event. In addition to guiding you to your next hotel stay or restaurant visit, BCVB offers its visitors various “Things to Do” in Boulder and what you can “See for Free”.

But that’s not all BCVB has to offer; its “Boulder Events” page provides between 10 and 20 major events well worth checking out. Broken up into six categories (annual festivals & events, arts & culture, live music, sporting events, workshops & seminars, food & dining events), BCVB allows you to search for fun community events via date, keyword, or category filters. Be sure to check out their “Insider Guides to Boulder” and their “Locals-Only Secrets” (spoiler: Boulder has a bat cave, complete with a daunting iron gate…). There’s always something going on in Boulder, and BCVB is a great resource for locals and visitors alike.

Downtown Boulder

Downtown Boulder, officially known as The Downtown Boulder Partnership, is a nonprofit organization made up of local businesses focused on supporting the Boulder community through organizing concerts, festivals, public art projects, and more. Their efforts draw over 250,000 people to Boulder each year.

Their events calendar is far from excessive with only five to ten events listed for each date. This isn’t a bad thing, though; when you don’t want to search through hundreds of events and only want a simple list of major happenings in downtown Boulder, this is the site for you.

Your Boulder

Your Boulder, a self-proclaimed “guide to what’s happening in one of the happiest, healthiest, and creative cities around,” is chock-full of insider tips about the best events, outdoor recreational activities, restaurants, and shopping Boulder has to offer.

What differentiates Your Boulder from the aforementioned sites is the way it advertises events. In lieu of a calendar, Your Boulder curates long-form articles about what’s happening around town each weekend. Highlighting live music, special happy hours at local breweries, theater performances, etc., Your Boulder is the perfect mix of what’s going on in the community for all ages and sensibilities.

Boulder Weekly

Boulder County has only one independently owned newspaper, and this is it. Offering local news, nationally focused op-eds, and special editions such as its “Summer Scene” publication, Boulder Weekly is more than an events list (though it does have an excellent events section).

If you want to know everything that is going on around Boulder on a specific date, you’d be hard pressed to find a more all-encompassing list of events than Boulder Weekly’s event section. Over 100 events are often listed for every date. To help you sort through this vast collection, there are filters available, such as searching by category, time, and distance from your current location. From “Morning Storytimes” for kids in Longmont to “Beers + Cameras: Boulder” for adults, it’s easy to get lost in the comprehensive assortment of events Boulder Weekly provides.

So there you have it, five of the best websites to find any and every event in Boulder County. However, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a bonus site – ours. 😉 Every month, we post a round-up blog of upcoming events happening in the area. Not to mention, we also provide in-depth special feature blog posts on some of the more unique events to come to town. Stay abreast of these monthly events by subscribing to our newsletter so you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest Boulder has to offer. What’s your go-to site for Boulder events? Let us know in the comments below.

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