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Team Building Activities and Retreat Venues in Boulder, Colorado

The changing season is the perfect time to plan a retreat that reinvigorates employees’ workplace outlook, while also saying “thank you” to your hard-working staff. Fortunately, Boulder’s picturesque mountains and vibrant city are home to some of the best activities and venues for team building events. From alpine lake hikes to innovative cooking classes, our famous mountain town provides a plethora of options for your next team building endeavor. Here, we share some of our favorite retreat venues and group activities in Boulder.

Engaging Activities 

Take your staff out of the office for the day by booking one of these exciting, hands on activities. Employees will have the chance to learn more about themselves, each other, and experience the city in a new way. They’ll also learn invaluable skills that are sure to contribute positively to workplace productivity and efficiency. 

Iron Chef Competition at Food Lab

This Pearl Street locale offers fabulous cooking classes that are equal parts educational and entertaining. Food Lab hosts team building events that focus on a central theme or international cuisine. Choose from sessions like Iron Chef Battle, wine pairings, and more to provide staff with a great experience and lasting memories.

Brewhouse Yoga at Sanitas Brewing

For an amusing after-work event that will entice beer lovers and fitness fans alike, book a brewhouse yoga class at Sanitas Brewing. Expert yogi Jenna Bee leads participants through a moderate yoga class in the middle of this beloved brewery. This exercise offers the staff a healthy way to blow off steam and reduce stress, as a team, and catch up over a post-savasana brew. 

Culinary Tour with Local Table Tours

Encourage employees to explore Boulder’s esteemed culinary scene with a Local Table food tour. As Colorado’s longest food tour guide company, Local Table Tours knows a thing or two about where to grab the best bites around Boulder. What’s more, this celebrated tour specifically hosts team building events focused on fostering connection and inspiring creativity in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

Adventure Outside with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides

There’s no better way to practice interpersonal skills, communication, and teamwork than with a scavenger hunt, map-reading exercise, or wilderness rescue. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides offers a plethora of team building activities that span anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. This versatile company also offers backcountry activities and leadership training opportunities that put emotions, mental strength, and creativity to the test. 

Scenic Venues

Host your own staff retreat or team building event at any one of Boulder’s myriad outdoor and indoor venues. Take advantage of the cooling fall afternoons and Boulder’s special, historic spaces by reserving any of the below venues.  

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center

At only a half hour’s drive from Boulder, this picturesque retreat center is the perfect getaway to transport employees from the hustle and bustle of the city. Retreats are centered around reconnecting with nature through meditation and relaxation. Reserve the center for your next team-building retreat to help staff shake off work day stressors and spend time in Colorado’s scenic wilderness. 

Folsom Field Rooftop Terrace Club

This centrally located destination offers sweeping views of Boulder’s famous Flatirons and a new perspective of CU’s historic campus buildings. With plenty of room for activities and space to host up to 600 people, this sprawling rooftop terrace is perfect for large companies wanting to host a Boulder event. 

The Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark

Famous for its stunning mountain backdrop and breathtaking views, Chautauqua has played host to thousands of events over the past 100 years. Choose from any number of venues for your retreat, including the dining hall, green, community house, and more. For a totally authentic Boulder experience, incorporate a hike up Chautauqua Trail that finishes at the top of the second Flatiron

Team building activities and company retreats boost morale and allow employees to connect with one another on more casual terms. Encourage camaraderie and teamwork by stirring up some friendly competition or by getting the staff out of the office to experience their city in a whole new way. 

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