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Spring Gardening in Boulder: Resources for Successful Growing

Gardening in Boulder

Image courtesy of Benjamin Combs via Unsplash

Gardening is one of the many delights of spring. If you’re in Boulder (or anywhere in Colorado, really), cultivating your own flowers, herbs, and veggies takes a great deal of finesse. If you’re new to the area, talk to the pros before you put that green thumb to good use. There is always something new to learn in the world of horticulture, and if you’re gardening in Boulder, here is where you should go to get your questions answered:

Harlequin’s Gardens

Harlequin’s Gardens is more than a simple plant nursery. This shop takes a holistic approach to gardening. They formulate their own potting mixes, and they grow the plants they sell. Their focus is placed on producing the strongest possible plants, rather than the biggest, and they specialize in growing Colorado-adapted varieties.

Visit Harlequin’s Gardens for advice, supplies, seeds, and plant starts. You can even stock up on beekeeping supplies if that strikes your fancy. While you’re there, pick up a gift certificate or two for your friends and neighbors.

Upcoming Gardening Classes at Harlequin’s Gardens

  • Building Top Soil and Fertility – March 12th at 1pm
  • Vermicomposting – March 13th at 1pm
  • Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening – March 19th at 10am
  • Successful Home Composting – March 19th at 1pm
  • Propagation 101 – March 20th at 1pm
  • Dog Tuff Grass – March 26th at 10am

All classes cost $15 and may be paid for by cash or check only. Register by phone at 303-939-9403.

Sturtz and Copeland

You won’t find a more helpful, welcoming garden center staff in Boulder. When you visit Sturtz and Copeland, you will leave feeling motivated and ready to face all the demands of spring gardening. Whether you prefer a rose garden or plan to try your hand at growing your own food, this team has you covered.

They offer a wide selection of rosebushes, annuals, perennials, hanging plants, and all the herbs and veggies you could ever hope to find. They are also Colorado natives, so they understand what it takes to be a successful gardener in Boulder. Ask them anything!

Upcoming Gardening Classes at Strutz and Copeland

  • Fairy Garden Magic (all ages) – March 22nd at 10am
  • Spring Fling (floral arrangements) – April 16th at 11am
  • Tomatoes in the Garden – April 30th at 10am
  • Pests in the Garden – June 4th at 10am
  • Summer Flower Containers – June 5th at 9:00am

All classes are free. Register by phone at (303) 442-6663.

Growing Gardens

Growing Gardens has been a staple in our community since 1998. It is a local nonprofit focused on promoting sustainable urban agriculture. They offer youth gardening programs, horticulture therapy for senior citizens, and so much more. This organization is definitely one that makes Boulder a better, happier place to live.

Growing Gardens can be found in a greenhouse behind North Boulder Recreation Center. This year, their annual plant sale will run over the course of 2 full weekends in May. You’ll find organic vegetable and herb plants that have been hand cultivated in our very own community greenhouse. The best part is that all of the proceeds from the sale are fed right back into the Growing Gardens programs.

Growing Gardens Plant Sale Dates

  • 8am-5pm on May 7th and 8th
  • 8am-5pm on May 14th and 15th
  • 8am-5pm on May 21st and 22nd

Boulder is practically overflowing with support for your inner gardener. If you’re in South Boulder, you should also keep an eye out for the popup greenhouse that usually shows up around May behind King Soopers. Wherever you buy your gardening supplies, plant your beds wisely. If you plan to list your home for sale in the near future, remember to keep curb appeal in mind. Contact a member of our team for advice about this and other helpful techniques that will give your home the competitive advantage in Boulder’s busy real estate market.

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