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Snow Much Fun in Boulder 2019

The snow is falling in piles and dusting our town with a fresh coat of white. To celebrate the arrival of winter and the holiday season, Boulder has a plethora of events to honor the start of this snowy season. One of our favorites is Snow Much Fun in Boulder, an annual winter fest in our city’s historic downtown. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Have Snow Much Fun

Each year, Boulder’s Civic Center Park springs back to life during the darker winter months with the help of 275,000 LED lights. Historically, the central park has played host to a number of community events year-round. Spring and summer experience the opening of the fantastic Boulder County Farmers Market, while national holidays are celebrated with family-friendly events. 

This winter is no different. Snow Much Fun is an engaging, seasonal festival and all members of our community come out in droves to play in the snow and see Boulder with her snow jacket on. This event invites guests to Civic Center Park and marvel at the holiday displays and plethora of colorful lights. 

In addition to eye-catching light displays, The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation hosts a number of activities for children and families. Start your winter journey at the Boulder Parks and Rec tent, positioned next to the Dushanbe Teahouse. Grab a free display map and a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep hands warm and hearts brimming with holiday cheer. Be one of the first to arrive and receive a holiday gift, available only while supplies last. 

Guided walking tours will commence every 30-minutes and will lead participants around brightly lit trees and beautifully adorned bushes. Additionally, holiday carolers and talented busker performers will pop in and out to sing seasonal songs and show off their phenomenal talents. Kids are sure to delight in a ride aboard the Tebo Train Snowflake Express, which will lead them around the Candy Cane Forest to a world of holiday dreams. 

When and Where

This event takes place on Dec. 6, from 5 – 7 pm. Visitors can pick up information and start the tour from the steps of the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, next to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Light displays throughout Civic Center Park will be up from Nov. 24 – Jan. 26 and additional events, like “Walk with a Doc”, will be hosted throughout the winter season. Check back here for upcoming event announcements. 

Embrace the cooling evenings and festive holiday season by joining Boulder’s diverse community at this entertaining winter event. Snow Much Fun celebrates our city’s beautiful outdoor environment while combining all the fun of the holidays.

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