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Plan Ahead: What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

228 Lion Pt, Boulder CO

228 Lion Pt, Boulder CO

If a spring move is on the horizon, don’t wait until the first signs of warm weather to start preparing your home. There are lots of things you can begin doing now to get ahead of the process, save time, and avoid headaches down the road. Here are our tips for preparing your home for a seamless spring sale:

Schedule Your Cleaners

Professional cleaners book up quickly once the weather gets warmer and the real estate season gets going. Without a doubt, a clean house goes a long way with buyers. If you’re not already having your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis, starting now will ensure that it will be spotless come spring.

Touch Up Paint

The same goes for paint around the house. Winter is typically a slow time for painters, so call yours and see if he or she can stop by and touch up walls, baseboards, door and window casings, and crown molding with a crisp semi-gloss paint. Cleaning and painting the front door will also give buyers a memorable first impression.

Remodel or Upgrade

Replacing all of your home’s appliances isn’t always necessary to sell your home faster—even small improvements can yield big returns. Updating flooring and replacing smaller items like fixtures, faucets, and hardware can breathe new life into your entire house. If you need to replace an appliance or remodel an area, such as a kitchen or bathroom, starting early will ensure that the project doesn’t creep into the prime selling months.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Buyers usually decide within 60 seconds of seeing a home whether they want to buy it. Take advantage of that first minute with a beautiful front yard and curb appeal. Now is a great time to plant some colorful flowers (start your garden indoors if you’re worried about them freezing). Pressure washing the driveway, front walk, and patio will also make your home’s façade shine.


You want your home to look like it has plenty of storage space, and the cold days of winter are the perfect time to sort through your closet clutter. Pack up anything you want to keep and put it in a storage unit so buyers see your home’s full storage potential.

The best tip to get ahead of the game before the spring moving craze sets in? Develop a relationship with a local realtor who can help. I would love to speak with you about your selling needs. Contact me at jennifer@jenniferegbert.com.

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