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Our Favorite Boulder and Denver Food Bloggers

The food scenes in Boulder and Denver continue to garner national and international acclaim. Colorado’s agricultural industry boasts an array of seasonal produce year round, in which local chefs and foodies find inspiration, nourishment, and delight. The following foodies help us stay updated on the ever-evolving food scene. 

Elena Amsterdam

Instagram: @elenaspantry

Scene: Boulder, Keto-Paleo pioneer

As a multiple-sclerosis survivor, Elena Amsterdam recognized that food is both nourishment and medicine for our complicated bodies. She has gained quite the following and been featured in a wide variety of internationally recognized publications, including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Shape, and more. Elena’s instagram includes keto and paleo-friendly recipes, like low carb lemon bars and real food PB & J. She also blogs about her experiences and healing journey with food as medicine. 

Margaux Booren

Instagram: @gauxvegan

Scene: Denver, plant-based/cruelty-free

Margaux’s Instagram, @gauxvegan, seeks to inspire healthy living and a cruelty-free lifestyle. Her food snaps feature vegan treats found throughout the city. For those interested in eliminating animal products from their daily regimine, Margaux can help pave the way. In addition to mouth-watering photos of vegan cupcakes, brownies, and avocado toast, she also helps her followers source sustainable and cruelty-free products. 

Mile High and Hungry

Instagram: @milehighandhungry

Scene: Denver, dining out 

This Denver-based Instagram features food from the city’s delicious restaurants. High-quality photos reveal beautiful dishes found throughout Denver’s numerous eclectic neighborhoods. If you’re craving authentic Italian pasta or desire a memorable evening out, check Mile High and Hungry for inspiration. 

Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan

Instagram: @one_hungry_bunny

Scene: Boulder, healthy recipes

Katie’s website and Instagram offer healthy and simple recipes that feature seasonal produce and ingredients. Boulderites looking to utilize Farmers’ Market products will find so many great recipes from One Hungry Bunny. From summer salsas to yogurt bark bars, Katie cultivates an approachable take on shopping local and eating with the seasons. 

Jen Yu

Handle: @jenyuphoto

Scene: Boulder, wholesome, healthy cooking and outdoor lifestyle

Jen’s website, titled “Use Real Butter”, showcases her life in the Rocky Mountains and her time spent in Boulder (her homebase). She specializes in Asian recipes but also features non-Asian cuisine and dessert offerings on her website. Her mantra “use real butter” relates to how Jen prefers to live life – full throttle and taking each day as it comes. While her recipes aren’t necessarily butter-forward, they implement the tastiest of ingredients and don’t skimp on the good stuff. 

Toni Dash

Handle: @BoulderLocavore

Scene: Boulder, seasonal, straightforward recipes

Dash is a professional writer and food blogger who has spent years cultivating her brand, The Boulder Locavore. Her recipes are all personally tested by Dash and feature seasonal items and cooking methods. Summer posts are filled with grillable options while winter boasts an array of soups, stews, and roasts. Dash strives to make cooking approachable for her followers.

Spice up your dinner repertoire, order mouth-watering take out, or find the best berries our state has to offer by following these Boulder and Denver food bloggers. Both cities feature wonderful  food scenes and continue to attract top culinary talents from around the globe.   

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