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In the Mood for a Post Valentine’s Day Celebration? Try Daybreaker’s Fire and Ice

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are two main types of people: those who look forward to it and those who think Cupid, think arrow, and then think tetanus shot. No matter which category you fall into, the morning after often comes as a welcome relief. Now Daybreaker BLDR’s Fire and Ice gives you a chance to nurse your romance hangover.

This event takes place at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and features yoga, a dance party, special surprises and performances, as well as juice, breakfast bites, and, most importantly, coffee. It takes place between 6am and 9am on February 15 and tickets are available on the Daybreaker site. You have the option of purchasing tickets for an individual, a group, the entire event, or the dance portion only.

After a day of eating heart-shaped candies or chocolate out of heart-shaped boxes, do your heart a favor by getting it pumping through movement. Participants are asked to wear a color of self-expression: red if you want to celebrate romance or white if your views on Saint Valentine tend to be a bit icier. All are welcome: those who adore the day of love and those who merely tolerate it.

The Benefits of Yoga

The popularity of yoga has grown in the United States in recent decades. Now, it’s nearly everywhere and for good reason: it’s great for you. In fact, there are several advantages to being down with downward dog.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, some of the benefits of yoga include: creating harmony within the body, self-healing, lessening of chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, reducing insomnia, gaining better flexibility, increasing muscle tone, enhancing metabolism, and improving cardiac function. Of course, yoga offers a wide range of mental benefits, too; everything from reducing stress and promoting mindfulness to aiding in the development of coping skills and helping you adopt a more positive outlook on life.

Even with the above, yoga can be intimidating to the novice: you fall over so much you feel the need to tell the person next to you that you haven’t been drinking. But the Fire and Ice event is open to each skill level: every beginner must start somewhere.

The Benefits of Dancing

Naturally, dancing offers benefits, as well. According to the Better Health Channel, some of the advantages to getting your groove on include: improved heart and lung function, better motor fitness and endurance, increased aerobic fitness, improved muscle tone, weight reduction, stronger bones, better coordination, improved mental functioning, and enhanced psychological wellbeing.

Dancing also has the ability to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, particularly in those who dance like people are watching, but don’t mind one bit that they are.

The Fire and Ice event offers a chance for everyone – from couples to singles – to relax, have fun, and bid Valentine’s goodbye for another 364 days.

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