Modern design, found both inside and outside of the home, is sweeping through Colorado, and Boulder is at the forefront of this movement.  Modern Boulder homes are simplistic, but luxurious, and are designed to exist in perfect harmony with their surroundings.  Given our city’s location and unique landscape, it isn’t any wonder that modern Boulder architects have shifted their focus toward creating structures that capitalize on the special characteristics of Boulder’s rolling topography.

Modern Boulder homes are progressive, and focus heavily on sustainability.  While modern design is a very fluid concept with no concrete limitations, there are a few key characteristics that are found in almost every modern Boulder home.

  • They are designed and built with the idea that “form follows function”, meaning that each of these homes is practical and created with purpose. Their inherent beauty is a product of their functionality.
  • There is often a heavy use of glass and metal (usually chrome or steel), which lends itself to the overall appeal of these homes. In addition to these two staple materials, modern Boulder homes also tend to experiment with other progressive resources and showcase the latest building techniques.
  • Modern Boulder homes typically have open floor plans with fewer walls and use a variety of window designs.

Because modern architecture is innovative and features the latest in materials and techniques, key characteristics of these structures evolve as technology advances.  Modern buildings, whether for residential or commercial use, are designed without restriction or limitation.  They are the epitome of creativity and originality, which makes them perfectly suited for the Boulder community.

Boulder is fortunate to be home to a wealth of very talented modern design professionals.  From gifted modern architects to skilled builders to creative interior designers, it’s safe to say that Boulder is the perfect place to create the modern home of your dreams.  For a list of modern design professionals that we recommend, visit our Build Modern page.

There are also a number of properties available in Boulder for those who wish to own a modern home but feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking on such a large project.  For more information on currently available modern homes in Boulder, visit our Find Modern page.