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Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape Ride at Denver’s Elitch Gardens

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf and Elitch Gardens, used with permission

Both Meow Wolf and Elitch Gardens are renowned landmarks in their respective communities. Meow Wolf, an artistic, interactive experience located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, routinely draws crowds from all over. Elitch Gardens was formerly the first zoo established west of Chicago and grew into the theme park that it is today. The pair joined forces to offer park guests the experience of a lifetime. Here’s what to expect from this awesome theme park ride.  

Meow Wolf’s Epic Experience

This Santa Fe-based, immersive experience company first made waves in 2016 when it opened the doors at its permanent location. Since then, this music and art venue has garnered awards from around the country and has continued to create interesting, engaging pieces that excite and inspire visitors. 

In 2021, Meow Wolf will open its doors in our very own Denver, Colorado. It will create a totally new experience, apart from Santa Fe, but still work in the same concepts of interaction and creativity for guests of all ages. 

Elitch Gardens’ Kaleidoscape Dark Ride

As a way to announce the group’s Denver opening and in an effort to introduce more people to the Meow Wolf experience, the artist collective partnered with Elitch Gardens and created a truly engaging thrill ride. Kaleidoscape dark ride is not a rollercoaster, but rather a “thrill ride for the mind”. Upon boarding the ride, guests are taken through a colorful maze of art installations and invited to help a tiny speck of light on its journey to become a planet-sized entity. 

In its short time at Elitch Gardens, this ride has already earned praise. USA Today named Kaleidoscape one of the most anticipated park attractions of 2019. Travel + Leisure also included this ride in its list of most exciting thrill rides coming to parks in 2019. 

Kaleidoscope is up and running so take the family and head to Elitch. Experience the twists and turns of a classic wooden coaster, feel your stomach do a somersault on corkscrew turns, and engage all your senses with Meow Wolf’s innovative, one-of-a-kind ride.

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