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DINEinBoulder: Jax Fish House

Colorado isn’t usually known for its seafood, but Boulder sure is.  Jax Fish House is hands down, the area’s best seafood restaurant.  Situated in downtown Boulder, Jax has been providing phenomenal seafood for the last 17 years.  

The restaurant is consistently packed with eager, seafood hungry patrons who can’t seem to get enough of their vast selection of seafood.  Inside this quaint and charming spot, you’ll be surrounded by locals, friends, and even those traveling quite a distance to get a taste of Jax’ delicious menu.

Of particular popularity is its famous Raw Bar, which features fresh, chilled crab, lobster, clams, and over a dozen different types of oysters. Of these oysters, one that you simply must try is their world famous Emersum Oyster.

Exclusive to Jax Fish House, this particular oyster is considered the freshest oyster around.  Jax is so invested in their Emersum that they can tell you exactly where it was raised, the quality of the water it was raised in, and the environmental influences and conditions giving it its unique, delicious flavor.  Jax is so convinced that you’ll love their Emersum Oyster, that they offer your money back should you not.

If raw fish isn’t quite your scene, don’t fret; there are other options.  Jax offers a delicious selection of unique seafood dishes that will have everyone craving a second – or third, or fourth visit. A few of their most popular entrees include the Crème Fraiche Poached Cod, Seared Scallops, and the Maine Lobster Roll.

© Jaxboulder.com

© Jaxboulder.com

Their crab legs, with butter for dipping is a timeless classic that you just can’t go wrong with. There is even a Grilled Colorado Lamb T-Bone and a burger on the menu for those craving meat.

Now, Jax isn’t known just for its seafood; the bar is one of the most talked about and frequented in town.  Mixologist Devlin Devore is one of the most popular and sought after bartenders in town, and the reason that Jax is said to have the best martinis in Boulder.

Not only does she make a mean cocktail, she’s also a ton of fun to chat with. Aside from her killer martinis, Devlin has an impressive selection of wines and local microbrews to choose from.

While Jax’ food is to die for, its staff and service are other reasons why people keep coming back for more.  The staff is known around town for their impeccable and impressive style.  And, because of this, dining at Jax is truly an all-around wonderful experience.

© userealbutter.com

© userealbutter.com

Jax is dedicated to providing the freshest fish, and the most local, organic produce available.  They pride themselves not only on their cuisine, but on their excellent execution as well.  Whether it’s an anniversary dinner, a happy hour visit, or a private party, they can and will accommodate you and will deliver an unforgettable experience.


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