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Inclusive Organizations in Boulder County

Boulder County has long been noted as a place of progressive mindsets, inclusivity, and tolerance. This intentional living is ever present in the diverse array of organizations that call Boulder home. Supporting these groups is crucial to their survival, especially during economic fluctuations brought on by COVID-19. Here are some inclusive organizations to get involved with this year. 

Native American Rights Fund

As the oldest and largest legal firm advocating for Native American rights, this group is near and dear to Colorado. Indiginous persons have long been underserved and overlooked, but are such a vital part of this state’s history and cultural tapestry. This group helps preserve tribal lands, protect native cultures, and provide a voice to those who don’t have one. Get involved by donating directly on its website or purchasing a gift from its e-commerce store

Out Boulder County

This nonprofit offers a safe space for LGBTQ persons in and around Boulder County to find community support, services, and programs. Out Boulder County advocates for the area’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer groups, and reaches over 15,000 people a year with events and support groups. Support its important mission by volunteering, attending an event, or donating. 

Community Food Share

This vital organization not only specializes in supplying food to service agencies, but also gives nourishment to some of the most vulnerable members of Boulder County through its Elder Share and Feeding Families programs. Volunteers play a huge role in keeping Community Food Share alive and thriving. Learn more here

Dairy Center for the Arts

Art has a way of connecting and inspiring us all, no matter the situation or circumstance. In the current climate, art is more important than ever. The Dairy is a pillar in Boulder’s cultural community and offers live performances, gallery exhibitions, movie screenings, and additional art experiences. This inclusive nonprofit strives to feature artists from all walks of life. Attend a virtual performance or rent a movie from its website, here

Mwebaza Foundation

Founded in Niwot, this nonprofit connects Colorado students around Boulder County with Ugandan students of a similar age through a penpal exchange program. Mwebaza Foundation also incorporates service learning opportunities for its students and community members to help raise funds for infrastructure projects at Ugandan schools. The group strives to educate our city about diversity and inclusivity through its various events and fundraisers. Learn more, here

Boulder County is home to many organizations that focus on promoting tolerance, acceptance, and inclusivity, and they continue to make our city a great place to call home. Providing a monetary donation or volunteering your time helps these nonprofits continue their vital missions and stay afloat during tough economic times. Let’s continue to make Boulder County a home for all. 

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