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How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring in Boulder

Spring in Boulder | Jennifer Egbert | Modern LuxuryMarch 20th heralds the arrival of spring in 2018, and it’s a glorious time of year: trees budding, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and sunlight shining warmer and longer every day. It’s the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings, whether that means de-cluttering your home or practicing a new, positive habit. If, like us, you can’t wait to get out in that springtime sun, the city of Boulder is a great place to be. Here are a few of our favorite ways to welcome the first day of spring in Boulder.

Go for a Hike

One of the best things about Boulder is its proximity to a vast network—155 miles, to be exact—of scenic hiking trails. These vary in difficulty and length, but all of them provide a quick and easy escape into the peaceful and breathtaking natural landscape that Colorado is renowned for. Trailheads like NCAR, Chautauqua, and Mount Sanitas are all located a short distance from downtown Boulder. What better way to say hello to spring than spending an afternoon surrounded by nature?

Host a Clothing Swap

Okay, so cleaning probably isn’t high on your list of celebratory activities, but hear us out. Spring is the ultimate time for “out with the old, in with the new,” which means it’s perfect for finally getting rid of those high fashion pants you bought last year but never wore. Plus, with the right company, cleaning out your closet can be fun. Try hosting a clothing swap: Invite a few of your best pals over, and tell them to bring their unwanted (but still good) clothes. Turn up the music, pour some wine, and let the good times roll. Each person is bound to find something she likes, and anything that doesn’t get swapped gets donated, so everyone wins.

Grab a Drink with a View

Some of the best restaurants around call Boulder their home, and many of them are also known for their extensive beverage selections. Plenty of these places offer outdoor seating, ideal for enjoying a sunny day. Whether you find a table outside at the Rayback, SALT, Mateo, or The Kitchen, nothing says “winter is over” like warm sun and a cold drink.

Go for a Bike Ride

For something that’s fun either solo or with the whole family, try taking a leisurely bike ride on the Boulder Creek Path. This 5.5-mile paved path meanders through the heart of Boulder along the creek, with multiple places to stop and enjoy the view. Bring a picnic lunch and sit at one of the many tables or benches located along the path, or head to Scott Carpenter Park and put a blanket on the grass while the kids climb on the playground.

Now that the adjustment to Daylight Savings Time is behind us (how can losing just one hour wreak so much havoc on our internal clocks?), we can’t wait to get into the swing of spring in sunny Boulder, Colorado. Get out on some hiking trails, share a cocktail with friends, or check out any number of local events to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

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