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Month.of.ModernFounded by Kate Bailey of Annabel Media, HMH Architecture + Interiors partner with Modern in Denver magazine as a celebration of all things modern—architecture, design, lifestyle, art and culture. —MoM’s mission is to cultivate a conversation about Colorado modern, and present the Denver/Boulder region as one of the nation’s most vibrant hubs of modern design.



As acclaimed architect and one of MoM’s founding partners, Harvey M. Hine stated “Boulder has great food, fantastic weather and an active population. There are many events related to the outdoors, but not many occasions to study and celebrate design. We believe that there is a pent up interest in architecture that the public has no outlet for, and Month of Modern intends to fill the void.”

We were delighted to be part of the very first Month of Modern in October of 2014 to welcome a new era of modern in Boulder, and are thrilled with the opportunity to further support and promote it for years to come.  For more information on MoM and our involvement click here.




We all want to help. Some of us are close by and can lend a helping hand. Others are thousands of miles away, wishing they could do more. A group of Colorado businesses collaborated on many different levels to raise money for the United Way’s Foothills Flood Relief Fund ( By purchasing an Open Heart CO t-shirt and/or sticker hundreds of citizens contributed to making a difference. Besides the material costs of the t-shirts, every part of this project has been generously donated by the businesses listed below. Every penny raised went to the Foothills Relief Fund. Thanks for your support. – See more at




Boulder Citizens Raise $70,000 for Colorado Flood Relief Efforts

December 10, 2013 at 8:43am

Boulder, Colo. – December 10, 2013 – What is the relationship between the yoga, environmental, tech startup, cycling, martial arts, and entrepreneurial communities in Colorado? Collectively, they have pooled their talents and resources to raise $70K for community organized flood relief efforts benefiting firefighters, local volunteers shoveling mud from homes, the local organic farming community, and schools impacted during the floods.

As part of their mutual commitment to community, the environment, health, and education; Hanuman Festival, Give Back Yoga Foundation, Living GREEN Network, Mocavo, Castelli Cycling, Open Heart Colorado, Raining Sun Temple Arts, and Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) raised over $55,000 in cash for flood relief efforts around Boulder County. They have also provided over $15,000 in equipment, materials, and supplies to support volunteers shoveling mud from the homes of Colorado families.

    Yoshi Aono, Managing Director of the Hanuman Festival said; “I feel the sentiment is one where we recognize all of our organizations as part of the collective community. We should not be islands unto ourselves, rather a collaborative group representing different interests willing to unite when members of our community are in need.”

The Living GREEN Network, a Boulder-based 501c3, combined resources it raised in collaboration with Mocavo and EFCO with the funds acquired through Hanuman’s event to support rural firefighters affected by the flooding. Cliff Shaw, CEO of Mocavo, stated; “first responders are the first to serve and often the last to receive assistance, so it’s been a pleasure doing what we could for this part of our community, with Hanuman’s and Give Back Yoga Foundation’s contributions the impact is even more significant.” Mr. Aono added; “it is inspiring to see many different groups helping the Boulder Emergency Squad, Lefthand Fire, Allenspark Fire, Boulder Mountain Fire, Coal Creek Fire, Fourmile Fire, Boulder Rural Fire, Jamestown Fire, Lyons Fire, and Pinewood Springs Fire.”

Living GREEN’s current goal is to help local organic farmers. To serve farmers, Living GREEN teamed up with Mocavo and EFCO to host the Halloween Benefit for Flood Relief following Living GREEN’s fiscal sponsorship of Donate Boulder | Mudslingers – community volunteers that served over 100 homes along the Front Range. Living GREEN’s President, Dr. Matthew King encourages homeowners still seeking assistance to contact Thomas Wells with Boulder Flood Relief due to their sustained efforts.

Boulder Cycle Sport co-founder, Brandon Dwight, Sky Van Horn, founder of Raining Sun, and Jennifer Egbert Real Estate collaborated with Jay Ferracane of Angry Bovine to create a t-shirt logo, Open Heart Colorado, to raise funds to contribute toward these efforts. “After seeing the logo, the Ptarmigan Group approached me and asked to sell a Castelli jersey with the logo and donate all funds toward flood relief,” said Mr. Van Horn. “We jumped at the chance knowing it would sell very well and help those in need.” Dr. King added; “Living GREEN has been delighted to work with Open Heart Colorado, collaborating closely over the last three months to identify ways to leverage resources so that they have maximum impact for the local organic farming community”.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy (MFD), a sustainable agriculture project of Living GREEN, will be leading efforts through an assessment focused on local organic farmers critical to our community’s food security. Up to forty students from the University of Colorado’s service learning program will be engaged throughout the spring semester to assist these efforts. “Understanding the needs of local organic farmers throughout spring planting and then the summer and fall is a major goal for Living GREEN and MFD”, said Taber Ward, MFD’s Executive Director. Mr. Shaw added, “the farm-to-restaurant community is one of the things that makes Boulder great, and we collectively want to do everything we can to help them too, so please donate via Living GREEN’s website, and join the efforts.”





tipi at sunset stormIn 1973, the Sioux YMCA officially opened Leslie Marrowbone Memorial YMCA Camp on the banks of Lake Oahe. Since then the services and programs provided by Camp Marrowbone have continued to offer a unique resident camp experience to all youth living on Reservations in South Dakota and many non-reservation children. Campers have the opportunity to enjoy sports, games, arts and crafts, water activities, special excursions and friendship, while learning the important character values of Generosity, Bravery, Respect and Wisdom from a trained experienced and caring staff.





Photo GirlLeslie Marrowbone Memorial YMCA Camp is dedicated to serving and supporting the children and youth of the Cheyenne River Reservation by ensuring a safe, positive, fun and energetic summer camp experience.  Through cultural educational activities, outdoor education, games and various forms of art we strive to offer our campers opportunities for creativity, self-discovery and a sense of belonging.

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