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Frasca Food and Wine’s 2017 Classes and Events

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 License

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 License

For the novice, Pinots and Ports are intimidating; fermented alcohol may as well come with its own slogan: Wine – You Have No Idea What You’re Doing. Even the seasoned sipper doesn’t know everything: that 2005 Berringer? Are you sure you want to serve it with dinner tonight? Wine is just that rich…open the cork and an endless stream of information flows out.

In other words, there’s always more to learn. This is where Frasca’s classes and events come in. In fact, even experts admit that wine is an abyss when it comes to knowledge. Dating back to 5000 BC (or earlier), many sommeliers have only skimmed the surface of the deep, deep barrel. From origins to growth patterns, from health benefits to etiquette, from flavors to aromas, your cup may runneth over with questions. Classes provide at least some of the answers. Among those offered at Frasca Food and Wine, you will find the following informational classes and events:

Tuesday 1/24 (Thursday 1/26 is sold out): Istituto Frasca per Il Vino: Friuli 2.0

Raise a glass to learning! In this class, you’ll study a specific wine region and the style of wine that comes from that region. The class is two hours long (6-8pm) and includes a workbook and a wine tasting. The cost is $255 per person and everything is included (even gratuity).

Tuesday 2/7 (Thursday 2/9 is sold out): Istituto Frasca per Il Vino: Tuscany 2.0

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, learn which kind of grape has you at Merlot (or perhaps you prefer Chianti, instead). No matter your preference, this class is similar to the one above, with the focus on a different region (and, thus, vastly different wines). Like the January event, this class runs for two hours (6-8 pm) and includes a workbook, as well as a wine tasting. It’s also $255 per person with everything included.


For people less interested in overt instruction and more inclined for hands-on-learning, Frasca also offers Monday Night Wine Dinners. From January 16th through the 30th, get your week started on the right foot with a four-course meal and optional wine pairing. Each night involves a different theme: Vinifera Imports with Dominic Nocerino Jr. (16th); Iberian Discoveries with Jose Pastor Selections National Sales Manager Chris Barnes (23rd); and Produttori del Barbaresco with Aldo Vacca (30th).

February 19 offers a chance for foodies and wine connoisseurs: Sunday dinner with Michelin-starred chef Alessandro Gavagna from La Subida in Cormons, Italy. The cost is $165 per person for a four-course meal and wine flight. Gratuities, taxes, and your Uber ride home are not included.

Seats are limited for all classes and events, so be sure to sign up before they’re all sold out. Contact Erin Pommer at 303-442-0608 or by email at erin@frascafoodandwine.com to reserve your place at the table.

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