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Food Lab’s Fall 2020 Cooking Classes

One of our favorite activities and date night events is gearing up for the fall season, with added COVID-19 safety precautions. Boulder’s Food Lab provides a host of exciting food-based events to teach its guests the art, vision, and creativity behind world-class cuisine. Regardless of whether you desire to learn a new kitchen skill, taste exotic flavors, or simply get back out into the world, Food Lab’s fall classes have something for everyone. 

In-Person Classes

Back by popular demand, Food Lab has recently opened up to host classroom sessions again at its Pearl Street location. Select from a variety of lessons, like “Date Night Bordeaux” or “Fresh Pasta Series”, and pretend you’re on a thrilling European vacation. For three hours, glean kitchen techniques from experienced teachers, sip wine or beer, and indulge in a delicious tasting menu for the finale. Here are some we are most looking forward to. 

Israel: A Cuisine of Many Cultures

When: 9/19, 6:30 – 9:30

Travel to the Middle East and sample truly delicious cuisine with this Food Lab course. Dine on fluffy, zesty falafel and learn how to make an authentic tzatziki with fresh cucumber, dill, and yogurt. Israel is a melting pot of some incredibly fascinating cultures and its diversity is reflected in the country’s special cuisine. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a piece of Israel without ever leaving Boulder. 

Dim Sum and Then Some! 

When: 10/9, 6:30 – 9:30 

Who doesn’t love Dim Sum? Learn how to perfectly create these enjoyable little pockets filled with seasoned chicken, fresh vegetables, and tender pork. This dish can easily be recreated from your home kitchen and makes the perfect treat on a chilly fall afternoon. 

Plant Based Indian

When: 10/24, 6:30 – 9:30

Nothing chases away the impending winter blues like a piping hot bowl of creamy tikka masala served over a bowl of fluffy white rice. Learn all about Indian spices, seasonings, cooking methods, and tradition with this Food Lab class. These hearty and spicy dishes take plant-based cooking to new heights and will truly wow diners of all preferentiations. 

Virtual Experience

Those wishing to remain at home but still participate in Boulder’s awesome activities can tune in to Food Lab’s online classes. Equally as educational, the virtual lessons will take participants through prep work, cooking, and plating, leaving you to enjoy your expertly-crafted dish in the comfort of your own home. Uncork a bottle of wine and invite a few friends to participate with you, virtually, for an interesting twist on a ladies’ or guys’ night out. 

As summer comes to a close and fall begins to approach, we can fill this season with interesting activities, like one of Food Lab’s engaging, delicious classes. Sign up soon as spots fill up quickly! 

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