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Five Things to do with your Kids this Spring Break

If you’re a parent, that means one thing: you’re probably thinking about spring break and may be ready to pull your hair out. You love your children, of course, but sometimes you cherish them the most when they’re at school for eight hours straight. Still, spring break doesn’t have to leave you struggling to entertain your kids while keeping yourself sane – you live in Boulder, where there’s always something exciting just around the corner.

So, as the last week of March approaches, keep the following places in mind. They offer activities that leave the little ones stimulated and engaged, while leaving your home quiet and in one piece.

APEX Movement: Established over a decade ago, APEX Movement was the first place in the western hemisphere to feature Parkour training (a type of training developed from military obstacle courses that involves running, crawling, gymnastics, jumping, climbing, etc.). APEX Movement holds classes for kids starting as young as five and an open gym every day.

Shredder: Like many companies in Colorado, Shredder offers skiing and snowboarding lessons. Unlike many companies in Colorado, they do it all year long. The goal of the program is to make it easier and safer for kids and adults to learn the basics of snow sports using artificial snow and portable slopes. They host half or full day camps for kids during summer and school breaks. These camps feature ski/snowboard lessons as well as sledding, fort building, arts and crafts, and dodgeball.

Eldora: While many of the classes at Eldora are restricted to weekends, they do offer daily lessons on cross-country skiing for kiddos and adults, which include trail passes and ski rental. If Nordic skiing doesn’t speak to your child, try another Eldora activity, like downhill skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. The resort is 680 acres in size and only twenty-one minutes from Boulder.

ABC Kids Climbing: If you have kids who climb over things they shouldn’t – the couch, the banisters, the bookshelves – consider a climbing camp. ABC Kids Climbing offers half or full day camps for the week of spring break. These camps are designed for beginner and intermediate climbers and teach kids body awareness, footwork, and route reading. The classes accept children as young as two and a half, and the facility has an open gym program for anyone needing flexibility.

Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids: The Boulder arm of the Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids hosts a camp the last week in March. It teaches little ones the basics of theater with a focus on plays that are artistically and culturally diverse. Kids attending camp are asked to bring a sack lunch, a water bottle, and to wear comfortable clothing.

If all else fails, you can always take your kids to the beach for spring break. But, if you’re staying local, that “beach” is Boulder Reservoir.

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