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Bobby Stuckey’s Holiday Wine Pairing Tips

It’s winter, that time of year when the Flatirons are at their most beautiful, dusted with glittering snow.  This season has a special place in the hearts of Boulder’s residents.  Each day, countless Boulderites hit the slopes to ski and board; or the trails to snowshoe and cross-country ski.  It is an active, giving season that just seams to lift the spirits of everyone around.

Frasca Food and Wine in particular, has a special relationship with the season.  For the food and beverage industry, the holiday season is a time to bring out the best they have to offer, the crème de la crème, if you will.

Co-owner and Master Sommelier, Bobby Stuckey has a special passion for this snowy season.  With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and owner of multiple distinguished establishments, Stuckey certainly knows food and wine. Winter, for Stuckey, means special wine pairings, and delicacies unique to this season.  He’s an incredibly busy man, but we were fortunate that he took some time to discuss his preferences and impart some of his wine infused wisdom.

In particular this time of year means white truffles, an Italian delicacy only available during the winter months.  There is no substitute for this luxurious fare, and the chefs at Frasca understand this.  That is why, during the winter, they present as many tartufo bianco dishes as possible.

Bobby enjoys pairing white truffle dishes with a Nebbiolo, a wine created from Barolo and Barbaresco grapes native to Piedmont in northern Italy.  This decadent red wine is known for its particular flavors of violets, herbs, cherries, and yes, truffles.

© eatocracy.com

© eatocracy.com

For those who prefer white wines and seafood to reds and truffles, Frasca offers a variety of selections, including scallops and lobster.  For these dishes, the master sommelier recommends Borgo del Tiglio, one of Italy’s most praised wines, and Dario Raccaro’s floral Friulano from Friuli, Italy.

Another gift  – or shall we say, requirement – of this holiday season is attending numerous holiday parties.  Whether the parties are with coworkers, close friends, or your entire extended family, it’s always important to have a selection of wines present.  You don’t want to just grab any old bottle of wine from the store, however. You want to impress your fellow partygoers with your effortless knowledge of wines, am I right?

Stuckey has excellent advice on how to achieve this façade. He swears by this rule of thumb: always have, or bring, three bottles in magnum: red, white, and sparkling.

At any party, there’s almost always a toast, so having a magnum of prosecco or champagne is essential.  Sparkling wines also pair very well with small nibbles like nuts, chips, and canapés.  If you’re going to bring a sparkling wine, Stuckey recommends Lamandier-Bernier (champagne), Previsol (prosecco), and Bereche (champagne).

When searching for the perfect red to bring to a party, Stuckey suggests a Barbera.  These wines are medium to full bodies, and pair well with a variety of items such as ham, turkey, and even fish.  Because it pairs well with so many entrees, this type of wine is fail-proof.  If you’re searching for a Barbera, Stuckey usually chooses select wines from Andrea Sottimano, Fabrizio Iuli, and of course, Scarpetta by Frasca.

© discover.mapquest.com

© discover.mapquest.com

Lastly, Stuckey suggests having a dry Riesling on hand.  While people are often hesitant to purchase a Riesling, he insists that there are some excellent dry Rieslings out there.  A good, dry Riesling will pair excellently with devilled eggs, appetizers, and even ham, he says.  A few of his favorites are Hermann Donnhof, out of Germany, and Jaeger, out of Austria.

Whether you’re wining and dining this holiday season, or spending it in your home with friends and family, delicious wine should certainly be part of the plan.  Visit Frasca; indulge in their white truffles and lobster, paired expertly by their master sommelier.  If he’s in the building, he will surely love to give you advice on wine purchases for yourself, others, or any holiday party you attend.

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