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DINEinBoulder: Arabesque

If you’ve grown tired of the restaurants you typically frequent, or if you’re simply in the mood to venture somewhere new, consider popping into Arabesque.  This quaint little Middle Eastern restaurant is situated on the corner of Walnut and 17th, just a few blocks from Pearl Street’s “restaurant row.”

My first encounter with Arabesque happened about three years ago, and let me tell you, I’m so glad it did.  A friend of mine had invited me to a restaurant I’d never been to.  The restaurant is easy enough to spot with its bright orange umbrellas and elegant sign.

© arabesqueboulder.com

© arabesqueboulder.com

I opened the door and was immediately bombarded with an incredible aroma that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  The place was packed, which I took as a good sign.  I found my friend and immediately began perusing their menu.  After this visit I was hooked – and to be perfectly honest, I come here as often as I can now.

Their menu isn’t the most extensive, but the dishes they offer are packed with flavor and made with so much love you can just about taste it.  If you’re there for breakfast, the Arabesque Omelet and Mediterranean Quiche are a must-have.

A few favorite lunch dishes include the Shawarma Plates, with either chicken or beef, and the Mid-East Sampler plate, which you can get with either chicken, beef, or vegetables.  If something sweet is what you’re after, then you’ve definitely got to try their fruit tarts, baklava, and tiramisu.  Not to mention, their rosemary and lime infused water alone is reason enough to come running back for more.

Aside from their delicious food, one of Arabesque’s most remarkable attributes is the owner and chef, Manal.  A former ballerina, Manal cooks with the same elegance, grace, and passion that she put into her dancing.

© denverpost.com

© denverpost.com

You’re sure to meet Manal any time you go into Arabesque, and her personality is unforgettable to say the least.   Think of her as a bossy older sister who always knows best.  She’s up front and persuasive, but in all the best ways.  Manal can persuade even the pickiest eater to try something out of their comfort zone.

Her confidence sticks out not only in her personality, but in her cooking as well.  Self taught (for the most part) in the art of cooking, her talent speaks volumes about her dedication to her craft.

Open only from 9:00am until 3:00pm, Arabesque currently serves just breakfast and lunch, but rumor has it a dinner menu might be on the horizon.  Simply put, Arabesque is not a restaurant to pass up.  Grab your friends or head over alone; either way, your experience there will be unforgettable.

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