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Happiness is dining in Boulder.

After frequently recommending and referring clients to Jennifer’s favorite places in Boulder, Colorado, she decided to create a unique local guide called Play, Dine Live Boulder that would showcase the Boulder lifestyle Jennifer knew and loved.

If you want to learn more about Boulder, Colorado’s restaurants and café culture, then Dine is your ultimate local guide that you will use time and again. Click here to visit Dine now.

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Fresh Thymes Eatery : A Review

This is not your average health food spot.  Mastermind, and chef, Christine Ruch has created a unique café that offers a variety of healthy, seasonal, delicious, and convenient grub.Dedicated to healthy, conscious eating, Ruch has gifted Boulder with a new way of dining.  The café includes a sit-down section, but also a grab-and-go center for those who are simply too busy to sit down and eat.  In true café style, patrons order their food and then sit down.  This method gives even the busiest professionals the opportunity to enjoy healthy, local fare during their workday.(more…)...

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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Boulder, Colorado

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

It's no surprise Boulder, Colorado finds it's way into the news for one of the best places to live, one of the most innovative places in the country, fittest city, and smartest city, and those are just a few to name. If those aren't enough to convince you to start packing your bags, here are the top 5 reasons to move to beautiful,...

DINEinBoulder: The Kitchen Community is YOUR Community

Courtesy of Denver Post

Courtesy of Denver Post

The Kitchen Community, aptly named, is just that - not only do they play a large role in the Boulder community and food scene, but they are also building a community. So who is part of this community? Well, people who recognize the importance of great food that outshines the...

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August 2013 Events in Boulder

August is shaping up to be a month of culture, music, and entertainment in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Kicking off the month is the annual Colorado Music Festival, followed by the Colorado Brazil Fest and a myriad of other concerts and cultural events. Needless to say, there will be no cases of ennui this month. (more…)...

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