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Urgent Call to Action for Boulder County Citizens!

The Boulder City Council is poised to curb infill and redevelopment activity in Boulder and could take action as early as TODAY, Sept 16th.
Some Council members have indicated that they would entertain a moratorium on development to assuage to the concerns of well-organized, vocal interest groups who object to current construction projects. It is critical that Council hear from people who feel this would be detrimental to Boulder’s continued economic success and to the livelihoods of many working people across our community.
  • Email the members of Council today preferably but definitely before Tuesday  –Council@BoulderColorado.gov
  • Attend the Study Session on Tuesday, Sept 16 from 5-7pm at the Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, Boulder –  and bring a couple of friends(and/or share this blog post via email or through social media).
    • (optional) Sign up to speak or pool time during the Open Comment portion of the Council Meeting at 7pm
    • You must sign up in person, and you may begin doing so as early as 5pm.  However, electronic sign up is also available for Open Comment.  We recommend doing both.  Click here to register online.
    • If you plan to speak, it is strongly suggested that you arrive at 5pm.
    • It is likely that speakers will be limited to two minutes so we suggest you time your comments to avoid being cut off.
    • If you pool time with two other people, you will receive 4 minutes.  One person signs up to speak, and two other people, who must be present, cede their time.
  • Here are the messages that we plan to emphasize in case any of this resonates with you, but personal stories and thoughts are always the best.
    • The Comprehensive Plan Update process is already in place, keep it inclusive, transparent and calendared as it is.
    • Do not hurt the livelihoods of working people across our community, many of whom have just recovered from the recession, i.e. tradespeople, construction workers and laborers (This does not hurt the developers, they can move down the road).
    • Do not alienate companies that drive our innovation economy and entrepreneurial success and the people who work there.
    • Our housing issue is complex, there are many contributing factors. Do not throw jobs – which people NEED –on the fire to solve the housing issue.

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