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Boutique Health and Fitness Studios around Boulder, Colorado

With the New Year already upon us, we may need some help with sticking to our health and wellness resolutions. Fortunately, Boulder offers plenty of fitness-focused activities, studios, and classes to assist us in achieving our health goals. In addition to our city’s gorgeous natural space, winding trails, and world-class hiking, there’s plenty to do indoors to maintain or improve upon our fitness goals. Here are just some of Boulder’s boutique exercise studios and fitness classes. 

OPEX Element 6

This Boulder studio focuses on improving six elements of health through personalized attention to fitness, nutrition, and bodywork. OPEX employs talented and experienced trainers who create tailored fitness plans that focus on the individual’s goals, lifestyle, and abilities. OPEX also offers nutrition plans and bodywork options, like acupuncture and massage, to improve a guest’s overall wellbeing. 


Any fitness studio that believes “your health is an investment, not an expense” is sure to help its patrons get the most out of their investment. Kondition believes just that and goes to great lengths to make its fitness students feel strong and healthy. With a number of exercise options – barre, HIIT, yoga, boxing, dance, spin, strength, etc – there’s something for all preferences and skill sets. This innovative studio also offers event-based classes, like its New Years Day Tri, which combines three methods into one 1.5 hour class to really kick 2020 into gear. 

Vertical Fusion

What started as a small, alternative fitness studio in 2012 has now expanded to include two locations and a dedicated following along the front range. Vertical Fusion combines aerial exercise with pole dancing for a truly killer workout. Its various classes cater to all skill sets and focus on providing safe, challenging, and engaging workouts. 

OnusIV Hydration Bar

No one can expect to meet fitness goals if the body isn’t properly hydrated. OnusIV Hydration Bar on Pearl Street provides fast-acting hydration through vitamin and mineral infused IVs, administered by health care professionals and supervised by a medical doctor. For years, professional athletes have used similar methods to operate at peak performance. Now, Boulder’s fitness fans can boost their own performances and meet exercise goals more quickly and efficiently with the help of OnusIV.  

Alpine Fit 

Situated on Spruce Street is a boutique health and wellness clinic that employs a holistic approach to physical therapy and nutrition. For the past decade, Alpine Fit has kept a low profile while faithfully serving the athletic members of Boulder’s fitness-focused community. Through individual approaches to healthcare, Alpine’s trained practitioners help participants achieve health and wellness goals. 

Front Range Boxing

This no-frills exercise studio is reminiscent of boxing gyms from decades past. What it lacks in flashy equipment it makes up for in highly skilled boxing trainers, a supportive community, and an intense workout. Guests of Front Range Boxing can sign up for an array of classes like “Combat Grappling” or “Old School Boxing”. First timers may try their glove at “Intro to Boxing” and learn the ins and outs of this high-intensity sport. 

Core Progression 

This new workout studio creates custom personal training tailored to each member’s specific fitness needs and goals. Core Progression boasts a state-of-the-art training facility that is the furthest thing from a big box gym. Its training options include “Bridal Fitness”, “Pageants”, “Muscle Gain” and more to help meet the needs of Boulder’s dynamic community. 


Now with eight studios in the greater Colorado area, Fierce45 has definitely gained a loyal following. Its North Boulder location sports top-of-the-line exercise equipment to help students get the most out of its high-intensity pilates workout. Skilled trainers lead new and seasoned students through a series of slow, controlled movements meant to provide maximum results and minimal impact. 


A long-time favorite of Boulder’s workout junkies because it provides a wide variety of workout classes ranging from cardio, resistance, birthfit, and more. Mecha’s trainers are world class and lead the small classes through rigorous and effective 50-minute routines. This dynamic fitness studio also hosts engaging, fitness-focused events that are sure to spice up any exercise regimen. 

There’s no excuse not to achieve every fitness-based resolution you set this New Year. Boulder’s myriad health and wellness studios, exercise classes, and outdoor activities provide plenty of ways to stay in shape all year long. Now get your sweat on! 

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