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Boulder Fitness Classes and Events That Will Get You Ready to Hit the Slopes

Skiing is a physically demanding sport that can leave you feeling sore and tired if you’re not physically fit. When you’re ready to prepare for the season, check out the selection of fitness classes and bodywork available in Boulder.

Join a Running Club

Boulder is an excellent place to find supportive fitness groups, and there are several running clubs to choose from. Skiing is easier and more enjoyable when you’ve logged hours developing your cardiovascular fitness, and running is a tried and true way to strengthen your heart and lungs. Every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., Fleet Feet Sports gathers for a run along Boulder Creek Path. This group invites members of all ability levels, so don’t feel shy about attending if you’re not an experienced runner.

Tone Your Muscles With Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to combine the benefits of exercise and meditation. To maneuver your body effectively while you’re on the slopes, you’ll need flexibility and muscle stability. Many Boulderites are yogis, so you’ll likely be able to find a class schedule that works with your availability. Places like Radiance Power Yoga offer several styles of classes, so try a few to determine what you like best.

Train Your Core Muscles With Pilates

The exercises mentioned here are all great steps for strengthening your body, but nothing quite compares to Pilates when working on abdominal muscles. With consistent Pilates instruction, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your posture, muscle control, and flexibility. Boulder has a variety of Pilates studios, so finding a location that’s convenient should be a breeze.

Work Your Upper Body With Rock Climbing

When you’re out on the slopes, it’s helpful to have a bit of arm strength to control your path. If you’re interested in getting a total body workout with a focus on upper body strength (not to mention strategic footwork), check out Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder. This rock climbing gym is ideal for challenging yourself and meeting other fitness enthusiasts in our community. The class schedule varies, but their calendar is available online for easy planning.

Recuperate With a Massage at Element 6

To minimize discomfort after a rigorous ski trip, stop by for a massage or acupuncture at Element 6. Combining physical activity with bodywork from expert therapists can improve the results of your training regimen.

If you’re new to skiing, take some time to prepare yourself before venturing out on the slopes—your body will thank you! When you’ve laid a base of fitness, you’ll get more out of the skiing experience. Our community offers ample opportunities to get fit, so you can try a little bit of everything.

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