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Boulder CSAs to Support this Spring and Summer

Many consider Colorado’s landscape rugged and tough, majestic and awe-inspiring. While its arid landscape and dynamic temperatures certainly put life to the test, it also offers fertile soil, ample farmland, and abundant sunshine, giving the state a fruitful growing season. Fortunately for us, Boulder is surrounded by family-owned ranches, local farmers markets, and community supported agriculture (CSA) that offer healthy, and environmentally conscious produce, meat, and products. Here are local CSAs and farmers markets to support this spring and summer. 

Cure Organic Farm

This commercial family farm was started back in 2005 and has been providing Front Range communities with high quality goods ever since. Owners Anne and Paul Cure sell their produce to area restaurants, farmers markets, and through the on-premise store. Their 2020 CSA program begins in June and runs for 20 weeks. Cure Organic offers multiple packages to fit your lifestyle. From wine and cheese shares to coffee shares to egg shares, Cure provides it all. Learn more here

Red Wagon Organic Farm

Locally owned and operated, this Longmont farm focuses on sustainable agricultural practices that are gentle on the land, water, and natural resources. Owners Amy Tisdale and Wyatt Barnes have been farming together since 2005 and love working closely with the folks that are consuming their products. Each year, their CSA attracts more and more patrons. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve seen an uptick in subscriptions and are currently planting more crops in hopes of expanding openings. Check back here as the growing season continues.

Aspen Moon Farm

Situated in Hygiene, Colorado, just east of Boulder, rests this 99 acre farm. This year’s CSA operations looks different than last, but still offers fantastic, fresh produce. Subscribers have more options for weekly and biweekly produce selections, allowing them to choose certain items and take home seasonal products. Aspen Moon Farms is hoping this will reduce plastic consumption and labor costs associated with pre-bagging produce for CSA pick ups. Its 18-week CSA is now open and accepting subscriptions. Sign up here

Isabelle Farm

This farm partners with other local businesses to offer a wide variety of products and allows members to select up to 4-20 lbs of produce that includes seasonal goodies like watermelon, cauliflower, kale, and more. Isabelle Farm offers partner shares that include products like fresh fruit from Ela Family Farms, hearty bread from Moxie Bread, and tasty roasts from Conscious Coffees. Participate in Isabelle Farm’s CSA here

Growing Gardens

Their youth-oriented program, Cultiva, not only provides seasonal produce to the surrounding community, it also gives young people an opportunity to learn leadership, management, and agricultural business skills. Participants ages 12-18 grow, package and provide produce for members of the Growing Gardens CSA. Get locally grown and youth harvested produce for 22 weeks via Cultiva, here

Our community’s CSAs allow us to support local, sustainable agriculture. By minimizing our footprints and eating locally, we are helping make the world a better place for future generations. 

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