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Boulder Business Feature: Trada

Introducing Trada

Located right here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Trada is the very first performance-based paid search marketplace. With Trada, clients remain in complete control of their campaigns, while a team of specialized, highly educated, advertising experts work tirelessly to create the most effective marketing campaign possible.

Trada is a firm believer in the wisdom of the crowd, and because of this, they provide clients with a team of experts, rather than one “expert” individual. This method allows the client to have a team that provides diversity in thinking, and more attention to detail than a single person could manage.

With over 2000 paid search experts, Trada offers the best crowdsourced online advertising management available. What this means, is that within their marketplace, Trada’s team of certified online advertising experts are collaborating together on paid search campaigns. Because of this unique approach, paid search is accessible to SMBs, enterprise companies and even channel partners. This method saves time while providing expert advice.

Unique in all senses, Trada offers a fun environment to its employees, keeping them happy and fond of their work. It’s not uncommon to see dogs lounging around headquarters, because employees are welcome to bring their pets to work. Not to mention, employees are often seen whizzing around on scooters, or brainstorming on giant LoveSacs.

Why are clients so fond of Trada?

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

• Paid research experts are assigned to clients through an Optimizer Matching algorithm based on their success in the client’s industry.
• Dedicated Account Managers are on hand to assist clients in gaining more conversions for their budget.
• The client’s assigned team performs all the campaign build-out and optimization so that the client doesn’t have to.
• Deep analytics push traditional web leads and phone calls
• Trada strives to beat down a client’s conversion goals; only then are they satisfied.

The Process
Trada helps clients set their goals
o Trada sets your campaign’s conversion goals through traditional web conversions as well as phone calls.
o Their Optimizer Matching technology assigns highly specialized experts to the client; experts who are highly knowledgeable of that particular field.
An expert team builds the campaign
o An expert team provides keyword lists and relevant ad groups with targeted ads and strategic bidding.
o Before the campaign is launched, the client has the opportunity to approve or reject the campaign.
The campaign is launched
o The client’s campaign is launched in the Trada Marketplace, which places the advertisements on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Curating and Improving
o The client’s personalized Optimizer team will continue to monitor and improve the campaign through research, testing, new strategy, continuous campaign buildout, and maximizing the ROI

Photo Courtesy of Trada

Photo Courtesy of Trada

Trada’s one-of-a-kind methodology gives clients simultaneous freedom and control. Clients are free from doing the work themselves, but have complete authority over their campaign. They save time, drive conversions, and benefit from the collective, strategic expertise of their dedicated, personalized PPC team.


“I’ve been in the industry for 12 years, but Trada lets me lean on another expert and use their experience to help improve a campaign’s performance.” – Allison Kulage, President & CEO of Bare Knuckle Marketing

“The collective wisdom of multiple experts offers Trada clients results that a small team or single person could never achieve: scalability, thought diversity, and attention to detail. And Bing and Yahoo! Search offer Trada clients results that Google alone cannot provide.”
 – Microsoft


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