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Boulder Business Feature: Rally Software

Rally Software is a Boulder based firm that prides itself in leading the largest, most successful Enterprise Agile Transformations in the country. Rally informs and aids financial service firms with optimizing their opportunities by decreasing delivery time and simultaneously improving their release quality.

All of this is possible because Rally incorporates cloud-based solutions for managing an Agile development lifecycle. They do this by increasing the visibility of their clients. Companies can be confident that they have a singular source that manages and tracks projects. More importantly, Rally provides the high traceability that Wall Street looks for.

With the help of this ingenious software, government agencies throughout the United States are able to incorporate Agile methods into their practices; they have become more secure, traceable, and scalable than ever before.

Clients include some of the nation’s largest, most prestigious healthcare providers. Through Rally, providers such as Carestream, McKesson, and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare have been given the ability to increase their productivity, and deliver superior quality to their clients. Rally does this by allowing these companies to enhance their safety regiments and competitiveness through Agile. Some of Rally’s clients include, but are not limited to:

Science Applications International Corporation
Fidelity Investments

What Rally Does

Four major platforms have been implemented to help Rally’s clients succeed. From steering strategy to transforming and expandingRally Software collaborations, Rally Software has the experience and prestige needed to set any company apart from the rest.

• Steering Strategy
o Directing business strategy to navigate viciously competitive markets
o Continuously tracking and prioritizing work according to its ability to advance strategy.
o Helping to reallocate development resources, which maximizes portfolio growth.

• Run Development
o Companies no longer have to run their own development lifecycles. Rally takes care of this, and delivers value faster and more efficiently.

• Expand Collaboration
o Rally helps clients feel valued and informed by expanding collaboration efforts. Essentially, the goal is to feel like everyone is in the same room, even if they’re miles apart.

Companies who use this software are constantly winning product awards – and that is their goal. Rally aims at increasing a company’s net promoter score. After all, they are dedicated to making companies faster and more agile.

Agile Delivers Results

This company has more than proven its worth. Rally gives a company the direction and tools it needs to steer corporate strategy, run a development life cycle, and magnify team collaboration.

Rally SoftwareProduct Services
• Rally has transformation consultants who will not only assess readiness, but also develop a plan for improvement, and mentor company employees along the way.

• Professionals will train companies to be familiar and confident with Agile and Lean by preparing them for training and certification.

• Clients dominate learning curves in becoming an Agile business. Increasing productivity, speed, and value is the ultimate goal.

With countless awards under its belt, Rally Software is a key element in increasing a company’s effectiveness, reach, and capability. Through groundbreaking techniques, Rally magnifies the effectiveness and success of the companies they aid.

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