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Boulder Business Feature: Made Collection

Made Collection is a fantastic company for many reasons. For starters, it’s located is right here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Aside from their breathtaking location, the company’s mission is one that our country desperately needs.

In fact, their mission is quite simple: to support resurgence in American manufacturing – and they are. Made Collection makes this happen in two steps. According to their website, the first step is making “great work for brands that make things in the USA,” and the second step is to “gather and sell the best American-made products.

By staying true to their values, and selling only American-made goods, Made Collection, which was founded in 2012, actively and consciously supports American job growth. And hold on to your horses, there’s more. Because all products are created and shipped within the country, their operation creates less air pollution, allowing them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint as well.

“When you browse you’ll see details for each product you click on. You’ll also see how many workers you’d support by purchasing that product and how much good it would do for the US economy.”Made Collection Team

Photo Courtesy of The Demoines Egotist

Photo Courtesy of The Demoines Egotist

When perusing the website, one is instantly bombarded with fantastic deals and creative, theme-based collections from all corners of the country. Their collections include both men and women’s clothing, outdoor apparel and gear, household products, and of course, accessories. From American-made grills to T-shirts and jewelry, they really do have something for everyone.

Take, for instance, Pendleton Woolen Mills, currently featured in the website’s Collection Spotlight. This particular company is family-owned and operated in Portland Oregon. Made Collection is currently selling their Grand Lodge bowls, mugs and 9 inch plates, but the company is also known for their Native American-themed woolen products.

Also highlighted in the Collection Spotlight is a company called Malia Mills, which offers swimwear, lingerie, clothing, and eyewear for all shapes and sizes. Currently available on Made Collection are the Malia Mills Naughty Nurse Slip, and the Good Nurse Slip.

We’re just a handful of people in Boulder, Colorado who love shopping as much as we love America. Welcome to the movement!”Made Collection Team

Photo Courtesy of NY Times

Photo Courtesy of NY Times

The Made Collection team is comprised of three gentlemen: Dave Schiff, Scott Prindle, and John Kieselhorst. These men have a lot to bring to the table, and have made quite a name for themselves throughout their careers. Schiff, the company’s Chief Creative Officer, is formerly known as the Executive Director at CP+B.

Back in 2004, he launched Coke Zero, which has become Coca-Cola’s most successful new product within last 25 years. Prindle, the company’s Chief Digital Officer, was the Creative Technology Director at CP+B before his path led him to Made Collection.

In fact, Adweek considers Prindle to be one of the Top 10 Technologists in Advertising! Kieselhorst, was also formerly employed with CP+B as their Design Director, spends his free time as a Visiting Instructor at UCLA’s department of Architecture, CalArts, and So. Cal Institute of Architecture. Not bad gentlemen, not bad at all.

So, if you’re in the market for some new goods, but want to keep your environmentally cognizant conscience intact, consider purchasing your goods at Made Collection. The country, and these magnificent gentlemen, will thank you!

meta description: Made Collection is an all-American, environmentally conscious company in Boulder Colorado whose mission is to promote the resurgence of American made products and keep the earth clean at the same time.

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