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Boulder Business Feature: HMH Architecture + Interiors

hmh1HMH Architecture + Interiors is a modern architectural firm celebrating 25 years of designing homes that are both beautiful and functional for Boulder-area residents.  They employ the concept of living artfully, and strive to demonstrate that in each one of their designs. 

HMH not only handles the design of new homes, they also specialize in home remodels and interior design.  In an effort to create more sustainable homes, they utilize green design processes to lessen the environmental impact during construction.

HMH is a one-stop-shop that provides architecture and interior design services with the simple goal of helping people design, build, and furnish great places to live in Colorado. hmh2They undertake projects on a variety of scale, from interior renovations and additions to entirely new homes. HMH is founded on the belief that good design should be available to everyone.

Architecture is at the core of HMH. Through their many years of practice they believe that a well-de-signed house should be both simple to live in and light on the environment. They work closely with their clients to ensure that each home is designed to fit the way that they actually live and not just for show. HMH has built their practice on the idea that good design is the design you don’t notice, design that makes your day-to-day activities more seamless and enjoyable.

hmh3One of the services HMH is proud to present to clients is an in-house interior design team. This team can provide input that is helpful in space planning, furniture placement, interior paint and finish selections, as well as kitchen and bath design, lighting, living and entertaining flow, and many other details. The design team wants a home to have a signature look with finishing touches that embody the homeowner’s preferences of how they want their home to look and feel. The team provides elegance and personality into each selection while working hand in hand with the client for complete satisfaction.

HMH Architecture would love to hear from you, so if you have design questions, contact them here.

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