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Boulder Business Feature: madelife

madelife  is rather ironic. Factories usually crank out millions of the same product, all coming down from the monotonous assembly line. And there is nothing innovative, creative, or exciting about that. If you were to compare the semantics of ‘factory made’ to what madelife really is, there’s a stark difference; it’s going to be the complete opposite of any boring mass production.

madelife describes themselves as a market place for local artists, a showroom, a studio, a retail platform, incubator and creative lab. To say simply, it’s a space for artists and designers to create products, grow their business and retail their well-crafted goods.

It’s a place for artists to grow and they support the motto ‘live local give local’. This place is anything but factory made, displaying an array of goods from talented and unique local artists.

madelife is helping to bridge the gap for the ‘starving artist’ by providing a supportive marketplace that gives them the tools to grow. One of its roles is a creative lab, where materials and the actual fabrication space is provided. It also hosts networking events, provides production resources, and workshop opportunities.

Another role of madelife is to befit a showcase and get consumer eyes on artists’ products. Artists get the support they need here from start to finish with production support to the point of sale. Without madelife, artists are virtually left to work alone with no assurance of success.

One great dynamic of this company is that it brings the once autonomous artists together and allows for great networking for the entire creative community. It also takes away some of the stresses of marketing, one thing local artists can struggle with. With the doors open for creators or shoppers, you never really know who you may run into at madelife and who could fall in love with your work.

A few of the things one may come across at this indie-modern market could include anything from a geometric armchair, hair tonic, or military pea coats. You never know what you might see with artists boasting all different styles and a vast range of products. Patrons also have the luxury of buying online from the madelife website, but they will be missing out on the tangible and unique madelife experience.

Locals are fortunate to have such an innovative and interactive market place, and not just the artists- everyone! If you are in the market for anything original or just enjoy ingenuity and art, madelife is a must see; it’s the future for marketplaces, artists and buyers. And something tells me they aren’t just going to stop here, either.


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