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Boulder Business Feature: ēdn

Photo courtesy of Ryan Woltz of ēdn

If you’re an avid Shark Tank viewer, you probably saw Boulder business, ēdn, pitching their Wallgarden concept to the panel earlier this year. This company, pronounced “Eden”, is set to change the way we grow and consume food. Their products help users grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers, right in the comfort of their home, all year around, at the push of a button. Needless to say, we were excited to sit down with Ryan Woltz to learn more about their products and what the future holds for ēdn.

How was this “soil-free” garden technology concept first developed? 

Our gardens use a modified hydroponics system, that combines water based growing and engineered soil (what we can SeedPods) to ensure that your plants get all the water, oxygen, and nutrients that they need – ensuring a healthy and productive garden. It’s like a Nespresso for gardening, you just drop in your SeedPods and your garden takes care of the rest.

Tell us about your experience on Shark Tank. How did you know you were ready to launch the product in such a big way? 

Shark Tank was a great way to get exposure and test our product market fit. It ended up being a great experience that put us on the national stage and helped us sell out of our entire inventory in a matter of weeks.

Your website states that you use the highest quality, responsibly sourced materials. Tell us about that. 

Quality material selection and great design are core to our product thesis, and finding great partners who value their environmental impact is a big part of that. The wood components of our products are sustainably harvested in Oregon, finished using no VOCs and then machined in Denver. We specifically chose to use aluminum because it is easily recyclable and can also be manufactured locally in Texas and machined in Denver – limiting the shipping distance and our overall carbon footprint.

How much should people expect to harvest from a single unit? 

It depends on what you’re growing – you can expect to see 12 heads of lettuce every 30 days or 12 flowering marigolds every 60 days. The goal for our first product, the SmallGarden, is not necessarily to help you save money on your grocery bill, but to enjoy the growing experience and the beauty of nature.

Click to enlarge. Image courtesy of Ryan Woltz of ēdn

Are customers limited to the seed pods provided, or can they use their own? 

We currently offer ‘Blank’ SeedPods that work great with our seeds, but can also be used with other seeds. We are continually testing and realizing new seed varieties to make sure our customers have plenty of options! If using other seeds it’s important to make sure they are able to be grown hydroponically and shorter in stature to ensure good results.

The SmallGarden appears to be moveable if needed (for extended travel, for instance). Are these units portable? 

Although the SmallGarden can be relocated, we don’t recommend actively moving it while growing due to the internal water reservoir.

We noticed reviews on your website from people who live everywhere from Miami to Los Angeles – is it safe to assume that you’ll ship these products just about anywhere?

We currently ship to everywhere in the USA with plans to expand internationally in the next 6-9 months.

If someone wanted to view the product in person before buying, is there a brick-and-mortar location where they can do that? Are there any offline retailers that carry your products, or it available exclusively through your website? 

We currently only sell direct to consumer through our website, but plan to launch in local and regional retailers in the next few months – stay tuned for exciting updates!

Finally, tell us – what’s on the horizon for you?

At ēdn our mission is to change the way the world experience nature and allow anyone to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers at the push of a button. To continue that goal we plan to launch a product for every room of the house, while also increasing our plant varieties. The next product we’ll launch is the WallGarden in Spring 2018, then at least one more by years end!

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