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4 Running Groups That Will Motivate You for the BolderBoulder

The BolderBoulder 10K race is the largest public run of its kind in the United States…so why aren’t you signed up for it? As far as a “bucket list” goes, participating is safe and easy to arrange, a feat you can easily tick off the must-do column. Whatever reasons you think you have to stay at home, there are many more to give it a try. This event is more than about walking or running as a participant – BolderBoulder is about community. However, if you’re concerned about the training aspect, we have several groups that can help you get into shape for the big event.

Boulder Striders

Boulder Striders offers group training and online schedule trackers so you can log your fitness activities. Join up, and you should be in running form in short order. Their training sessions, led by 4-time Olympian Colleen De Reuck, also include options to help you gear up for a full marathon in case you really want to take it to the next level.

Revolution Running

Another option is Revolution Running, a multisport training program run by Ewen and Heather North, longtime distance runners. They break their programs into seasonal activities with plenty of variation to keep things interesting year round. There’s an annual fee, but the financial commitment is completely worth it to get you motivated for the race (and others down the line).

Flatirons Running

If these programs sound a little too intense, Flatirons Running, Inc. sponsors Wednesday night fun runs that end with pizza, beer, and a social hour. This program is not as hardcore as the others, and perhaps going out for a good time will be the trigger to help you stick with the training. As a bonus, you might meet other runners who will help inspire you to stay on track.

Boulder Running

Looking for extra workouts? There are many other fun runs and race activities you can join in the Boulder area. Some are weekly, monthly, and others are sporadically scheduled, but you can find one to jump into just about every day of the month. Boulderrunning.com maintains a schedule of upcoming runs of every type, so finding various distances and levels of intensity to match your fitness needs is quick and easy.

Over 50,000 folks participate in BolderBoulder every year. Take a moment to register for the race, and be sure to check out one of these groups to start getting ready.

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