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DINEinBoulder: Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Boulder, CO

Farm-to-table is a relatively new concept within the culinary arts that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States.  When restaurants offer farm-to-table dining, it means that they’ve purchased their produce, meats, cheeses, and as many other things as possible, from the local farms in that area.

The trend arose in part, as a backlash against GMOs, but also as a way for restaurants and farmers to teach consumers about the connection between the earth, farmers, ancient farming traditions, and the end result – the food placed in front of them.

Boulder embraces all things organic and local, and as such, has fully embraced this farm-to-table dining experience.  In fact, many of the restaurants downtown pride themselves for being able to offer a farm-to-table dining experience to their patrons.

Black Cat Bistro

Black Cat Bistro, on 13th Street, is perhaps the most authentic farm-to-table restaurant that exists in Boulder.  The restaurant’s owner, Eric Skokan, owns his own 130-acre farm, which in turn supplies the restaurant with all of its produce and meat.

The farm, appropriately named Black Cat Farm, raises nearly 400 animals, and grows over 250 different kinds of fruits and vegetables.  The bistro’s menu changes almost every day, because it can only offer its customers what’s freshest on the farm.



Bramble & Hare

Bramble & Hare, which is also located on 13th Street, is the second brainchild of Chef Eric Skokan and his wife Jill.  The “original Farmhouse Kitchen and Pub, as they like to call it, has been open since the summer of 2012.  As with Black Cat Bistro, Bramble & Hare receives all of its produce and meats from Black Cat Farm.

The dishes put together here burst with flavor and freshness, and vary from day to day.  Their three course farm dinners are $29 per person, and include dishes such as a farm greens salad with beets and goat cheese, pork spring rolls, and sautéed greens.

SALT Bistro

SALT, another one of Boulder’s farm-to-table restaurants gets its produce and meats from a variety of local farms.  The vision of co-owners Bradford Heap and Carol Vilate is simple – to provide the highest quality, most delicious, local and organic fare that the Boulder community has to offer.  The bistro serves up brunch, lunch, dinner, as well as an excellent happy hour.

The Kitchen



The Kitchen is one of Boulder’s most popular restaurants.  It’s so popular in fact, that the restaurant has had to expand twice – giving Boulder the Kitchen Next Door, and The Kitchen Upstairs.  The Kitchen uses only the freshest, organic, and most local produce around, and you can taste it in the delicious dishes they procure.

The kitchen is an excellent first date spot, and also a great place to go for a girls’ night out.  Their sophisticated cocktails, and dishes filled with locally grown fare are simply impossible to pass up.

If a true farm-to-table experience is what you are after, look no further than these fine Boulder establishments.  No matter which restaurant you choose to visit, you will not be disappointed.  In fact, why not try them all!?


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