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Best of Boulder: Conscious Cleanse

Photo Courtesy of ConsciousCleanse

Photo Courtesy of Conscious Cleanse

We all know that feeling of a ‘food hangover’: bloating, nausea, grogginess and physical fatigue. In my opinion, feeling unhealthy and stuck is a terrible way to spend a day. Say hello to the Conscious Cleanse, a program that will teach you how to nourish your body properly.

With the holistic approach to being healthy, the Cleanse focuses more on digestive and mental health, not necessarily on aesthetics. However, naturally appealing aesthetics may sometimes be the by-product of this amazing program. The goal is not necessarily to lose weight (though it’s often an added benefit), but to feel completely well: body, belly and brain.

Conscious Cleanse is founded and run by two lovely ladies, Jo and Jules. With life stories to back up a methodology for living healthfully, the duo is nothing short of inspirational. Having met nearly a decade ago, the two have perfected their techniques. A foot in the door in every realm of health – yoga, personal development, and nutrition – Jules and Jo emphasize building a better life, rather than a better body.  They hope everyone achieves “vibrant health” with their program, which they clarify is a journey, not a destination.

Photo Courtesy of ConsciousCleanse

Photo Courtesy of ConsciousCleanse

Most outstandingly, calories are not counted and the processes are gradual, allowing your body to adjust. You don’t have to give up your indulgences either (phew!); they assure that having the freedom to stray from the path of healthy eating is actually beneficial and powerful.  This fantastic philosophy means not having to say goodbye to all your favorite foods and allows you to stay on course.

Cleansing is a gradual and steady process, one which they set to achieve by substituting the unhealthy for the healthy, and not in a ‘eat-this-instead’ kind of way. More than anything, it’s about making adjustments or supplementing. In fact, they have an 80:20 ‘non-rule’, where you can spoil yourself guiltlessly 20% of the time, without a diet’s mindset of subsequent self-loathing.

The best part is that you establish your own discipline instead of constraining it. Conscious Cleanse is a beautiful thing, with a huge emphasis on balance and learning. Their approach is original and fool-proof; all about making slow and simple alterations, eliminating allergens that cause inflammation and, perhaps most importantly, personal support. The problem with cleanses and diets is the attitude that people take with it, most commonly “I want to be skinny” or “I want my thighs to be bigger”. Conscious Cleanse is so dissimilar in that way; they want their clients to achieve health first and foremost, not weight loss.

Photo Courtesy of ConsciousCleanse

Photo Courtesy of ConsciousCleanse

It’s not a liquids or supplement-based cleanse, and you’re encouraged to eat when you’re hungry, but they want you to eat “the best food of your life”. Most significantly, their support allows for individuals to alleviate emotional dependence on food and find fulfillment in something meaningful, not a high fructose syrup drink. It’s a powerful paradigm, and it allows for people to learn to live a simple but quality lifestyle.  Not many cleanses or diets leave you with life lessons, or cause you to sleep better, look younger, or feel radiant and fresh simply by making modifications; it’s both inspirational and impressive.

Their blog is fantastic too, with recipes and ideas to get you feeling like a new and improved you. Registration for the program closes on Monday, March 31st, so do your research, because this program deserves more than a peek (and your body definitely deserves a cleanse like this). I sincerely hope you’ll try it; I know I’ve never felt better! Visit their site here and register soon!

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