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5 Things You Can Do This Winter To Prepare For A Summer Listing

It’s hard to think about summer in the dead of winter. You don’t exactly imagine mowing the lawn when it’s under a foot of snow. But, if you’re planning to put your house on the market come June, winter is the perfect time to start your engines.

You see, summer can be a difficult sale – from coastal vacations to entertaining the little ones, ‘tis the season to be busy.  And this makes presentation more important than ever.

So, what are some ways you can prepare your home in advance? Start by:

Getting your ducks in a row

No matter the age of your house, odds are something needs repairing. Your home is, after all, lived in. Get all your ducks in a row by taking inventory of what you need to accomplish to make your home sale-ready. Don’t only think in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of necessity. Remember, your home will have to pass inspection.


One of the most important things sellers can do is declutter – those shelves of knickknacks may be meaningful to you, but they’re an eyesore to buyers. Go from room to room and determine what you can do without for a few months…then put those items in storage.

Focusing on the inside

Spring is the season of yardwork, but Mother Nature must get on board. Until that time, focus on the inside of your house. Paint the interior, replace the carpet, change up the lighting. Make the inside sparkle so you can focus on the outside when the weather allows.

Researching contactors

Your home might not need professional help before you list it. But, if it does, start looking for contractors now. If you need landscaping services, for instance, begin asking for referrals and doing your research. Line up your help well in advance for a smoother, less frustrating process.

Thinking about curb appeal

Curb appeal is important to buyers, especially during the summer months: a deck is just a deck in the winter, but come May, it’s a place for socialization and memory making. Keep this in mind and start planning your curb appeal now. You might not be able to set up your patio furniture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for it.

Preparing a home for sale takes work, often much more than we think. Start planning in winter for a summer listing – in a few months, you’ll be glad that you did.

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