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2020 Father’s Day Ideas Around Boulder, Colorado

Even as the world begins to open up, it’s important to remain conscious and considerate of higher risk populations. Father’s Day is a fantastic time to celebrate the main men in your life. Boulder boasts plenty of options that adhere to social distancing guidelines and provide memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some great options to celebrate your dad this Father’s Day. 

Go for an Epic Bike Ride

From gnarly mountain bike trails to windy city paths, Boulder and its surrounding landscape are home to a myriad of bikeable terrain. Tackle an ambitious ride and head to Lyons, grabbing takeout from one of its charming restaurants and snacking creek-side before biking back to Boulder. Or, plan a full day of mountain biking adventure at Heil Valley Ranch or Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Coordinate with other cyclist dads at the end of the day for a neighborhood ride that is both socially distant and socially fulfilling. 

Pack a Picnic and Hit the Trail

Order a picnic basket from Cured and treat dad to a delicious lunch, mountainside. Pack a bag with his favorite drinks and wander through Boulder’s picturesque mountain terrain. For an ambitious endeavor, hike Green Mountain, Bear Peak, or South Boulder Peak and take in the stellar views complete with cured meats, red pepper jelly, and lavender butter cookies.  

Rent a Luxury Sports Car 

Many decades ago, Boulder attracted those with a pension for luxurious European sports cars. Now, electric vehicles are the go-to, but the nostalgia of climbing up winding mountain roads in a foreign convertible is unbeatable for some folks. Rent a Masserati GrandTourismo or a Lamborghini Gallardo from Mile High Drives or Oxotic rental car companies and enjoy an afternoon of ultimate cruising.  

See the World from a Hot Air Balloon

Slipping above the city in a hot air balloon is a serene experience that your dad is sure to love. A quiet morning flight gives breathtaking views of the Flatirons and Rockies while capturing a whole new perspective of Boulder from 5,000 feet up. Fly with any of Boulder County’s reputable hot air balloon pilots and enjoy a champagne toast afterwards. 

Zip Through the Royal Gorge on a Helicopter 

Just an hour and a half south of Colorado Springs lies a grand masterpiece of mother nature’s making – the Royal Gorge. This colorful canyon splits our high elevation home down the middle, offering an epic sight. Helicopter rides gracefully whisk guests through layers of time in the form of deposited, red, brown, yellow, and purple sediment. For a trip to the mini Grand Canyon and a helicopter ride of a lifetime, book this event for Father’s Day. 

Visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary 

We often overlook the land to the east, citing it as open, rolling plains with not much to see. However, there’s plenty of value in this sector of the state, including the sprawling Wild Animal Sanctuary. This non-profit rescues big cats and other exotic animals from international circuses, road-side attractions, and illegal breed operations. Prides of lions, packs of wolves, bengal tigers, and grizzlies now reside on over 10,000 acres of land. Visit in the evening for a change to hear majestic grey wolves howl in harmony at the rising moon. 

Father’s Day gives all of us the chance to celebrate our wonderful dads, husbands, and brothers in a thoughtful way. While it proves a little more difficult this year with social distancing guidelines and restrictions, it can still be done in a memorable fashion. Don’t pass up the opportunity to say thank you to that special father figure in your life. 

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