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2019 Summer Programs at Growing Gardens in Boulder, Colorado

Growing Gardens | Boulder Luxury Real Estate

Established over 20 years ago, Growing Gardens has bettered the lives of countless Boulder residents through its sustainable agriculture programs. This Boulder-based nonprofit organization connects our town with the earth through educational classes, cooking lessons, and community gardens.

This summer, Growing Gardens offers a plethora of programs that foster community engagement and environmental enrichment. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or gifted with green thumbs, Growing Gardens hosts something for all age levels and skill sets. Here’s what you can expect:

Beekeeping Classes

When: 3/ 11 – 10/ 7/19

Where: 1630 Hawthorn Ave. Boulder, CO

These beekeeping sessions provide participants with hands-on experience and real-time lessons in the essential practice of beekeeping. These classes are curated to provide knowledge and support to beginner beekeepers during their initial beekeeping seasons. Here’s the full schedule of Beekeeping sessions slated for this summer season.

Gardening Classes

When: various times

Where: 1630 Hawthorn Ave. Boulder, CO

Growing Gardens offers two gardening classes during its summer program. “Gardening 201” will elaborate on the fundamentals of gardening taught in the previous year’s class. This two-and-a-half-hour session will cover irrigation systems, transplanting, crop rotation, and more.

“Organic Pests & Diseases in Your Garden” covers organic methods of mitigating pest and disease damage to your garden. In addition, this class provides information on healthy garden ecosystems and a tour of the organic farm.  

Farm to Table Cooking Classes

When: various times

Where: 1630 Hawthorn Ave. Boulder, CO

These sessions teach participants how to cook delicious, seasonal meals with produce straight from the backyard garden. The first class kicks off in June and centers on turning the initial summer harvest into green garlic and pea soup, beet burgers, and more, inspiring guests to get creative with their future farm-to-table menus.

The following sessions focus on more internationally-based flavor profiles, with a concentration on Mediterranean and Latin American dishes. Participants will get the chance to hone their knife skills and practice sautéing while creating small plates out of mid and late-summer garden produce.

Fall Foodie Classes

When: 9/12-12/10/19, various times

Where: 1630 Hawthorn Ave. Boulder, CO

Harkening back to a time before frozen food, chemical preservatives, and lengthy expiration dates, this series teaches students how to can, preserve, pickle, and ferment. Using produce straight from the garden, participants will learn how to preserve their surplus vegetables and fruits through these methods, thus providing gardeners with delicious, home-grown goods all year long.

Pasta, bread, and cheese-making classes not only offer hands on lessons led by experienced chefs, but also make for a delicious way to spend the evening. During each lesson, participants explore the science, history, and craft that goes into making these delicious foods. Fall Foodie Classes give guests the authentic experience of creating wholesome dishes with fresh, natural ingredients while connecting the local community. Growing Gardens’ summer programs provide a way for Boulder residents to experience Colorado’s biodiversity through educational garden-based programs. Whether you’re interested in bread-making or beekeeping, drip irrigation or simply keeping the bunnies from eating all your lettuce, Growing Gardens has something for you!

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