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2019 Passover Events around Boulder, Colorado

Passover EventsPassover is one of the three major pilgrimage festivals in the Jewish religion and celebrates family, community, and tradition. Most importantly, it commemorates the Israelites’ freedom from enslavement in Egypt. Seder dinner is the main event during this week long festival and includes a ritualistic dinner and storytelling about the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Check out the events below and celebrate Passover with Colorado’s colorful, inclusive community.

Community Kashering of Utensils

When: 4/14, 3 – 4:30 pm

Where: Aish Denver

A cleansing tradition in preparation for Passover, kashering purifies utensils and is an important ritual in keeping Kosher. Kashering uses boiling water, fire, or light burning to kasher silverware.  Aish Denver will host a community kashering event to usher in Passover and begin the celebration with a clean slate.

Chef Series: Paleo Passover with Miche Bacher

When: 4/15, 6:30 – 9 pm

Where: Boulder JCC

Presented byDining Out, this intimate event allows guests to cook beside their favorite Boulder chefs. Learn how to create paleo-friendly, traditional Passover dishes at this distinctive cooking class. Space is limited to twelve guests so register here to reserve your spot!

Community Passover Seder

When: 4/19, 7:45 pm

Where: Boulder Center for Judaism

This Seder dinner includes delicious traditional dishes, kosher wines, and readings from the Haggada. All are welcome – regardless of religion – making this a great place to experience a Seder dinner if you have not yet.

Second Seder

When: 4/20,

Where: Rohr Chabad Center at The University of Colorado

A modern take on traditional Seder, this event is English friendly with a focus on inclusivity. The Chabad Center Seder is not prayer heavy, so if you’re looking for a low-key introduction to the Jewish religion, join Boulder’s multi-cultural community at this Seder.

Mimouna Celebration

When: 4/27, 7 – 9 pm

Where: Temple Sinai

Celebrating the end of Passover, this Moroccan-Jewish festival hosts musicians Shlomit Levi and RebbeSoul. To mark the end of eight chametz-free days, symbolic and indulgent treats are served – fish to encourage fertility, honey-covered dates to symbolize a sweet life, and more.

Regardless of religion, our Colorado community offers a variety of ways to celebrate, learn and explore the Jewish religion through many Passover celebrations. The communities of Boulder, Denver, and the surrounding metro areas are fortunate to have a wide variety of religions and ethnicities that allow us to build our perspective and experience new ways of life.

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