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Join the Boulder Community for the 2017 Conference on World Affairs

This year’s Conference on World Affairs will take place in April, and promises to bring the best and brightest thinkers, innovators, and collaborators together at the CU Boulder campus. The annual gathering attracts over 70,000 people and is poised for success once again. Here’s what you need to know to gear up for another unforgettable event.


The Conference on World Affairs unites international leaders, students, and, of course, the Boulder community. University staff, students, and faculty work together to recruit international speakers from diverse backgrounds and professions. Community members collaborate to transport, house, and accommodate speakers every year, showcasing Boulder’s hospitality. Information about former speakers is available on the CWA’s Youtube page, and detailed speaker information will be released closer to April.

What & Why:

The CWA is a gathering of minds dedicated to educating, inspiring, and collaborating on “everything conceivable.”  Previous years have brought us the arts, media, sciences, technology, politics, business, human rights, and more. Founded in 1948, the event is an annual staple that prides itself on vibrant discourse and an affinity for bringing together intellectuals from all walks of life.

Speaking contributors take part in 6-10 sessions per day, over 5 days, all of which are open to the public. This amounts to over 200 individual sessions from over 100 participants. Included in the festivities are the annual jazz concert and plenty of other musical and social events throughout the week. Oh, and it’s all free!


This year’s CWA takes place from April 10-14, with each day full of events. Detailed schedule information will become available as April approaches. However, the annual jazz concert is taking place on Tuesday, April 11. Housing and transportation information for the event is available online, and hotel rooms will fill up quickly.


Most CWA events take place on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Refer back later to the aforementioned schedule information for specific campus locations.

Bonus Material: The Conference On World Affairs Speaker Series

The Conference on World Affairs Speaker Series runs year round to bring distinguished guests to Boulder. The series takes inspiration from the ancient Greek Athenaeum, where philosophers, poets, and orators gathered to explore the arts.

The next event on the Speaker Series occurs in February. Lee Fang, a journalist for the investigative outlet, The Intercept, and Rosanna Myers, a robotics expert, are bound to bring stimulating discussion to the CU Boulder campus.

Clear your schedule now, because the Conference on World Affairs is sure to excite. The series highlights how lucky we are to live within miles of a world-renowned university. Where else will you find Irish poets debating army majors, and nobody bats an eye?

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